Hyori Lee – Hey Mr. Big [PV Review]

September 5, 2008 at 10:54 pm (Hyori Lee) (, )

In order fo further promote her new album, It’s Hyorish, a PV for Hey Mr. Big was made. This could definitely help album promotion since it’s such a great video that keeps that Hyori style.

There’s definitely that element of sexiness that makes the PV so strong. The first scene features Hyori in a pink coat singing into a megaphone as she sings to a man sitting in a chair reading a magazine entitled “Mr. Big” although he is ignoring her. Then in the following scene, Hyori is seen lying on a clock with her arms serving as the clock arms. Of course, she brought that heat to all the dance sequences. Next, she is seen at an army base as a man works on a tank. She is then seen wearing her fire-fighter outfit with a shirtless guy posing next to a fire-truck. She then sprays him with a hose. The final dancing sequence features Hyori in a pink wig and altough she looks better with her natural hair, she still brings some great dancing here. Overall, Hyori did a great job on this video and it’s definitely one to watch out for.

PV Ranking: A


  1. Raid said,

    LOL. Her holding that sign over her boobs brings a whole new meaning to plastic surgery.

    Endorsement anyone? xD

  2. amaiyume said,

    hahaha, I never thought of it that way XD
    I actually think the picture is really cute!

  3. Austin☆ said,

    Made in Korea? …mink? Unoriginal much? 😛

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