Leah Dizon – Communication!!! [2nd Studio Album]

August 26, 2008 at 5:02 pm (Leah Dizon) (, )

Leah Dizon’s 2nd studio album, entitled Communication!!!, was released on 08.20.08. Only two singles were released prior to the album: Love Paradox and Vanilla (including their respective B-sides). Leah explores new sounds such as rock on Lost At Sea and BxKxRxxx and reggae on LOVE SWEET CANDY, giving this album a little more versatility than her last and allows her to try out new things.

The album’s opener is the cute and fun song, Step into my world. There is a twinkling sound reminiscent of a cradle toy that begins the song before the chorus comes in. Leah’s vocals are very cute here as she sings “step into my world baby” and “step into my world tonight” over a fun upbeat instrumental. On the verses, there is a more calming feeling as Leah gives some very nice vocals. The hook features a lot of English that really shows the happy and sweet atmosphere of the song, particularly when she sings “I’ll spend everyday the rest of my life to bring you the happiness you’ve brought to me.” Repeating English phrases from the chorus then bring the song to a close. Step into my world is so light-hearted and cute that it serves as a great album opener.

Love Paradox, a hot dance track, comes in as the second song. Opening the song is a strong dance beat with an American flavor, really catching the listener’s ear. Then the first verse begins and Leah sounds very strong as her voice perfectly compliments the music. English phrases such as “oh no, thank you” and “no time for love” pop nicely and communicate the song’s meaning really well. Every other line during the chorus is sung and it’s a strong way to make it stand out in the listener’s mind. She continues to deliver good vocals and phrases like “why can’t I let it go” and “am I falling in love” connect the chorus strongly. The third verse is particularly impressive with the English lines such as “sometimes love just ain’t enough” pushed to the back and Leah bringing the best vocals of the song. Finishing off the song is the chorus, which then fades for a perfect finish. Love Paradox was a fantastic single and it’s still amazing in the context of the album.

Leah then explores the sounds of reggae on the next track, LOVE SWEET CANDY. A twinkling reggae instrumental begins the song, which introduces a very light and fun atmosphere. On the first verse, Leah’s vocals are soft but carry a sweetness that is unmistakeable to the listener as she follows the direction of the music perfectly. For the hook, the English line “my love’s like candy” repeats and Leah gives a little more vocal power, which allows for a perfect introduction to the chorus. The chorus is insanely catchy as she sings in a higher pitch and the English words “kiss” and “wink” pop cutely. Longer English phrases “the sweetest ice cream” and “the taste of a dream” stand out to the listener sweetly as well. There is a small pure instrumental sequence that leads the listener from its start to end and then the chorus is re-introduced with Leah singing in a higher octave than before. Closing the song is more pure instrumentation to make LOVE SWEET CANDY a fantastic song and a great way for Leah to explore new sounds.

Things slow down for the fourth song, Without a good-bye. The opening instrumentation really presents an emotional atmosphere that stands out to the listener, allowing for a good transition into the first verse. Leah’s vocals carry emotion here and she is able to hold them out strongly. There are slight rock tints that come out on the chorus and although Leah expresses the emotions powerfully, her voice seems somewhat different. Perhaps she is singing in a different octave in order to communicate the song’s true atmosphere. However she does close the chorus strongly as she sings “without a good-bye.” This song is nice in that it shows Leah’s ability to bring the emotions to the table although it is the weakest song on the album.

The sweet pop song, Vanilla, is the fifth track on the album. The song begins with a funky pop instrumental that leaves the listener wanting more and then she comes in with the hook as she sings “just groovin,’ have a celebration, step with me, yeah yeah yeah.” Then the first verse starts and Leah sings with somewhat deep vocals that actually stand out nicely and the English phrase “I don’t need no silly promises” pops strongly. Soon, Leah begins to sing a little higher and to follow suit the instrumentation takes on a lighter tone. The chorus is extremely cute and catchy and the English phrases help convey that “pure and simple love” as she sings “celebrate my love for you” and “I just wanna be with you.” For the verses, the second verse stands out even more than the first as there is a real cool sleekness about it that Leah definitely brings strongly. After the chorus comes back in, she says “step with me now” and the pure instrumental section appears. There is a real funkiness about it that leaves the listener wanting so much more. Closing the song is the hook, making a perfect and clean finish. Vanilla is another great song released before the album that hasn’t lost any of its magic on Communication!!!

Nothin’ to Lose, a song sung entirely in English, is a sleek dance song that emerges as one of the most addictive songs on the album. Opening the song is a hot dance instrumental and then the first verse begins. Leah sings with attitude and slickness, really catching the listener’s ear. The hook continues its strength and the final line “the stakes are high but he’s one of a kind” really introduces the chorus strongly. She sounds great here and the final two lines “cause when you got nothin,’ you got nothin’ to lose” is absolutely fantastic. There is an element of sexiness about this song that is wonderful, allowing Leah to sound very comfortable. After a small section of pure instrumentation, the chorus comes back in and continues to entice the listener. Much like Love Paradox, the song has an American quality to it that Leah brings out strongly, which makes this one of the absolute best songs on the album.

Leah explores rock sounds on Lost at Sea, a powerful and emotional song. A nice acoustic-guitar-driven instrumental begins the song and then there are some vocalizations that hold a naturalness that matches the song. Leah’s vocals during the first verse are somewhat deep and move with the music fantastically. She then comes in with the hook, sung in English that really catches the listener’s ear. There is more of a beat as the guitar becomes a little bit more powerful and the English communicates the song’s emotion strongly as she sings “I’m a fiend and you’re a drug” and “as long  as you exist I’ll never stop.” The rock sounds come out the most strongly on the chorus and Leah delivers some of the best vocals on the entire album here, filled with emotion and strength. The hook is what finishes off the song after some repeating English phrases. As her first foray into the sounds of rock, Leah passes with flying colors on Lost at Sea for so successfully bringing all the emotions of the song and displaying them through powerful vocals.

The title track, a cool dance song, is up next. The song takes off with a very interesting and sleek instrumental, moving into the first verse strongly. Leah sings with attitude to match the edginess of the music. English phrases such as “surrender your inhibitions” and “we’ve been using body language” are what make the hook pop nicely. She brings more sexiness on the chorus with lines such as “you wanna know what turns me on?” There is a nice pure instrumental section perfect for a dance break that really catches the listener’s ear as the music of this song is what really makes it so catchy. She whispers the title of the track to bring it to a close, making Communication!!! both a hot dance song and an fantastic title track.

With a sound that makes it somewhat of a slow-jam, Not Too Bad appears as the album’s ninth track. This song features quite a bit of English, roughly being equal to the Japanese. The chorus starts off and the English phrases such as “hair cut” and “baby you’re not too bad” really pop. Leah sounds very sleek on the verses, delivering a certain attitude to her vocals and the phrase “you’re looking so damn fine” that closes the verses really stands out to the listener. Once again, it’s the English that fuels the third verse and there is a slow coolness to it that is memorable.

She comes back to the sounds of rock for BxKxRxxx. There is a certain element of fun that comes through the introductory pop-rock instrumental. She then sings the first verse and her vocals sound very pretty here, moving over the music strongly. Then the rock sounds really come full-force on the chorus and Leah delivers more good vocals to match with the English phrase “out of sight, out of mind” really sticking out in the listener’s mind as well as her ability to deliver the lyrics with such rapidity. There is a section of vocalizations over a cool and sleek aggressive rock instrumental that sounds fantastic and then the chorus comes back in. The same vocalizations close the song perfectly. BxKxRxxx takes the more poppier side of rock and once again, Leah shines here, perfectly capturing the song’s attitude.

The album’s semifinale is the sweet ballad, Under The Same Sky. A very soothing and pretty instrumental that gives off the feeling of a hidden paradise begins the song and then Leah sweetly sings the first verse. Her vocals carry a vulnerability that allows the listener to really feel what she is singing. Instrumentally, the chorus is more diverse than the verses and Leah’s vocals continue to carry emotion, making this section really catch the listener’s ear. Certain notes are spotlighted and Leah holds the last note of the chorus with such prettiness that the listener follows a smooth finish each time. Finishing the song is more beautiful instrumentation, which is the absolute perfect way to close it. Under The Same Sky is a wonderful song that finds a spot on this album perfectly.

Leah closes the album on a strong note with the cute song, Thank You. She sings “oh happy days for you and me” over a sweet instrumental with a clear beat, really standing out to the listener. Then the full chorus comes in, which features a few other English lyrics that show Leah’s gratitude for the person she is singing to. On the verses, she sounds very pretty and the instrumentation matches by creating a very friendly atmosphere. More pretty instrumentation then brings the song to a close, then finishing off the album. Thank You is a very memorable track and it’s a great way to end Communication!!!

Album Ranking: A

Leah takes a different route on this album then she does on Destiny Line. Communication!!! takes Leah through the sounds of rock, hot dance sounds and sweet soft numbers. Both of her attempts with the sounds of rock are pulled off strongly as Lost at Sea and BxKxRxxx both sound fantastic. The two strongest songs on the album are Love Paradox and Nothin’ to Lose, bringing that hot American style that she sounds so perfectly comfortable with. She also brings strength to the cute songs: Step into my world, LOVE SWEET CANDY, Vanilla and Thank You. Although there are only two real slow songs on the album, she steps up for Under The Same Sky (although Without a good-bye is the worst song on the album). Overall, she brings everything on this album and there is that magic that only she can bring that makes this album a success.


  1. tranQuilla said,

    We have very different opinions on this album! LOL XD

  2. amaiyume said,

    hahaha, ya know, I’ve heard a lot of people say that “Without a good-bye” is one of the album’s strongest tracks and I couldn’t see that at all XD

    lol, I figure my review is gonna be pretty different from many others lol

  3. ironicclown said,

    I thought this album was decent, the track qualities were better, however I don’t think it was all the rememberable, like some of the tracks on Destiny Line

  4. lynethia said,

    I really loved Communication!!! even more so than Destiny Line which I thought was a good debut album.
    BxKxRxx still surprises me eveytime I listen to it.

  5. amaiyume said,

    the one problem I had with this album was that there wasn’t the really amazing slow song like “Again and Again.” We did get the hot dance track [Nothin’ to Lose] and the two rock tracks were great [BxKxRxxx being the better of the two] but I wish one of the two songs would’ve have a more aggressive rock instrumental.

    Basically the album was really enjoyable but there are certain things that could have made it even more solid.

  6. Sam said,

    I think BxKxRxxx and Lost at Sea are the best songs on the album.
    Love Paradox and Not Too Bad are also friggin awesome.

    But I love singing Lost at Sea, it has so much emotion it’s just ridiculously nice.

    I’m SO proud of Leah on this album!!!

    I thought Nothin’ To Lose is OK, I only really like it cause it’s a nod at her growing up with her parents working in gambling in Las Vegas 😛 which I think is cool.

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