AAA – MUSIC!!! / ZERO [19th Single]

August 25, 2008 at 5:32 pm (AAA) (, )

AAA’s 19th single, entitled MUSIC!!!! / ZERO, was released on 08.27.08. ZERO was used as the opening theme for the anime series World Destruction and Crash [extended version] was used as the theme song for the Nintendo DS came World Destruction.

The first A-side is the happy pop song, MUSIC!!! The song starts off with a nice and upbeat instrumental that brings out the happy atmosphere and soon the chorus starts. The English phrases pop nicely during the chorus and the members deliver some very nice vocals. Vocal consistency is maintained during the verses to let the listener feel that happy feeling. The rap sequence during the first verse actually fits very well with the music and stands out. Misako’s section during the second verse sounds great as the emphasis is on her vocals while the music takes the backseat. Following is a fun pure instrumental section that once again shows the free and happy atmosphere of the song. MUSIC!!! is a really fun and it’s definitely a song that the listener should check out.

ZERO on the other hand is a darker dance song. The opening instrumental is rock-driven and sounds great and makes a smooth transition into the first verse. That darkness comes through on the first verse as the vocals follow the music and on the chorus, there is a real crashing instrumental that directs the vocals, tinged with power. This song tackles the rock vibe and the members throw their all into it, making it a definite standout song.

In order to promote the single, two PVs were made: one for each A-side. The PV for MUSIC!!! matches the free spirit of the song and features the group doing some dances and they also have some solo scenes as well. Misako stands on a structure; Shuta does some fun dancing in the water and Nishi doing some cool moves. It’s a nice and fun PV so it’s worth watching. The PV for ZERO is a really good fit for the song as it features each member in a room, blocked by walls and a door in front of them. There is a whole dark atmosphere that the members show on their faces to match that same feeling in the song so it really is effective. Butterflies then appear and at the end of the video, a light comes to take them away. It’s an excellent video and definitely one to check out.

Single Ranking: A

AAA brought fire on this double A-side single. While the first A-side is a happy and fun song, ZERO takes on a darker sound and the group shines on it. This is a really strong single from them and definitely worth checking out.


  1. Raid said,


    I didn’t really like ZERO because it sounded like drunk-roaring. But MUSIC!!! is awesome as hell because I’m a guy hopped up on crack and I’m too happy all the time.


  2. Raid said,

    I posted this part of the comment on a separate comment so you can delete it if you want to! =D

    “Misako stands on top of a building” – I think that’s just the structure, not really top of a building.

    “Shinjiro does some fun dancing in the water” – That was Shuta. xD

    “….and a fence in front of them.” – Wasn’t that a door?

    Nonetheless, great review! I can never write song reviews as well as you do. D:

  3. amaiyume said,

    hahaha, I guess I missed some stuff in the PV XD
    Yep, I knew I was gonna mix up one of the members. Sorry Shuta lol
    And I had no ida what Misako was standing on so I guessed building XD

    thanks so much for correcting me! I gotta change that now! lol

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