Fahrenheit – Stay with You [Debut Japanese Single]

August 13, 2008 at 11:30 pm (Fahrenheit) (, )

Fahrenheit’s debut Japanese single, entitled Stay with You, was released on 05.21.08.

Stay with You is a sweet pop track. The song starts off a fantatsic instrumental, that takes the listener into a whole other world. Then the first verse begins and the vocals are very smooth here, catching the listener’s ear. The chorus stands out as the boys begin by singing “I just wanna stay with you” and the music continuously remains interesting. There is a certain heavenly feeling about this song that really catches the listener’s ear and the vocals throughout support that music nicely. It’s a great song definitely worth checking out.

The B-side of the single is Heart nest ~新しい巣.~ With a hopeful and upbeat feeling, the instrumentation starts the song off strongly. The first verse then begins and the boys give some very nice vocals to capture the song’s atmosphere. Although the chorus isn’t as strong as hoped, the boys do bring a little more vocal power in order to support the music. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable song with a great complimenting atmosphere to the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Stay with You was made. The video is very simple, featuring the boys singing in the jungle, really driving the naturalness of the song. It may be simple but the boys look great, the setting is pretty so the video is worth taking a look at.

Single Ranking: A –

The boys of Fahrenheit come strongly on their debut single. Both songs have a hopeful feeling about them and evokes the imagery of the sky. Stay with You is the better song and its choice as the A-side is strong. With material like this, the boys have a long career in front of them in Japan.


  1. ndeyy said,

    iLove fahRenheiiiiiiittttttt……………..

  2. joanna haw said,

    you all are so handsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sazkhya said,

    i luph fahrenheitttt……

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