Tanimura Nana – If I’m not the one [4th Single]

August 11, 2008 at 5:08 pm (Tanimura Nana) (, )

Tanimura Nana’s 4th single, entiled If I’m not the one, was released on 08.13.08. The single features the title track as well as the SEXY SENORITA, an uptempo and sexy song as a B-side which has a PV and 忘れないよ~song for you.~

The A-side is a ballad and allows Nana to emote and catch the listener’s ear. After a little piano instrumentation, the first verse begins and Nana sounds beautiful as she sings with power and emotion. The chorus stands out as well, particularly with the first phrase “but if I’m not the one.” Her vocals continue to be strong and communicate the song’s meaning perfectly to the listener. The pure instrumental section puts a spotlight on just how pretty the music is, despite being pretty simple. The song then closes with some very sweet vocalizing along with the instrumentation. If I’m not the one is an excellent ballad and Nana brings it to life with her vocals.

SEXY SENORITA is a fun dance song that shows off the more sexual side of Nana. The song starts off with part of the chorus, backed by an instrumental with Spanish influences. The English such as “want me, want me” and “let’s get it on” stand out nicely and leads into the first verse. Her vocals are deeper and follow the direction of the music perfectly and keeping the listener interested. Right before the chorus, the music takes on a lighter sound and Nana’s vocals are put to the forefront. The chorus is what makes the song so catchy with Nana singing “hey, sexy senorita” and the finishing line “wanna be your sexy sexy sexy senorita,” leaving the listener wanting more. SEXY SENORITA very nicely shows off Nana’s catchy and fun side and definitely stands out on this single.

In order to promote the single, 2 PVs were made: one for If I’m not the one and the other for SEXY SENORITA. The videos are connected and the first one is SEXY SENORITA. This video is colorful and fun, matching the atmosphere of the song perfectly. There is some sexy dancing by the pool, scenes of Nana wearing a blonde wig and (a slightly awkward) scene of Nana pouring champagne over herself. If I’m not the one PV is the second part and is pretty simple, featuring Nana in scenes as she sings the sweet ballad. There isn’t much to say about this one as there isn’t much going on but it does fit the song very nicely.

Single Ranking: A

Tanimura Nana’s 4th single brings more fire as Nana delivers a sweet ballad and a hot dance song. SEXY SENORITA is definitely the most memorable song on the single and should have been the A-side although If I’m not the one is a very nice way of slowing things down. She’s definitely on a roll with these singles.

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