Every Little Thing – Door [8th Studio Album]

August 8, 2008 at 12:03 pm (Every Little Thing) (, )

Every Little Thing’s 8th studio album, entitled Door, was released on 03.05.08.

GATE#8 opens up the album as an instrumental introduction. There is an uplifting feeling that comes through this cool and sly instrumental, driven by the sounds of the guitar. As the song goes on, the instrumentation becomes more varied, which allows the listener to really take in just how interesting the music is. This track, made up of pure instrumentation, opens the album on a strong note and serves as an enjoyable musical moment.

The first full track is まさかの Telepathy. The song begins on a cool upbeat note with a dance feel to it before the first verse comes in. The vocals are smooth here and move well with the music, capturing a more relaxing feeling. For the chorus, Kaori hits the slightly higher notes strongly and maintains consistent vocal strength throughout to make the chorus really pop against the music. One section that really stands out is the pure instrumental section which has a real sleekness that shines. This is a great song and definitely one to listen to.

キラメキアワー, a light pop song, is up next. A light and sparkling instrumentation begins the song and then the first verse takes off as Kaori delivers smooth and sweet vocals. There is a cuteness that comes out on the chorus that arrives from the vocals as well as the music and the two together form to make an enjoyable listening experience. Once again, the pure instrumental section on the song shines and re-introduces some more smooth vocals. This is a very sweet and light song that fits perfectly after the second song.

Offering more of the sweet pop sound is パリの娘. The song begins with the first, featuring smooth vocals and a cuteness from the instrumentation that calms the listener warmly. Then the chorus comes in and there is more of a poppiness to it that stands out nicely. Kaori also holds the last note strongly to perfectly match the instrumental atmosphere. There is a sort of strangeness on the pure instrumental section, that comes even with some talking to make it all the more strange. It feels a bit lacking compared to the previous ones. Overall, it’s a nice song but it’s somewhat forgettable.

Things slow down on the next song, サクラビト. A very sweet and wintery instrumentation begins the song, transitioning into the first verse. The vocals during the first verse are smooth and carry emotion, making the listener take notice. For the chorus, the instrumentation becomes more varied and the vocals remain consistent, which makes the chorus stand out all the more. The guitar serves as a key during the pure instrumental section, which really shines. This song is a nice way to slow things down so it’s worth the listen.

WONDER LAND is the following song. The song begins with an interesting and cool instrumental that makes the listener interested in what’s coming next. Kaori gives some deeper vocals during the first verse but they sound very nice against the music. The chorus really stands out as the vocals shine next to the instrumentation and it becomes addictive. This is definitely one of the album standouts and is really worth the listen.

The duo teams up with Makihara Noriyuki for the next song, 冬がはじまるよ. This song does a very nice job of keeping the tempo and energy up while also delivering some smooth and pretty vocals. The instrumentation remains pretty as well so that the vocals move perfectly with it.

Another instrumental track, B.L.V.D. This one takes on a more relaxing midtempo sound that the listener can enjoy although for a track comprised of just pure instrumentation, it does go on for a while. Although it is a nice sound that is worth checking out.

Slight rock influences come to play on NEROLI. The verses feature some very cool vocals and the rock sounds really fuel the instrumentation, capturing the listener’s attention. Kaori brings some really great vocals on the chorus to match with the music and overall atmosphere of the song. The pure instrumental section remains interesting as those rock sounds are spotlighted. It’s definitely an enjoyable one and one to look out for.

The next song, カラカラ, takes on a certain cuteness but it somewhat boring. There is definitely a warm feeling on this song that comes through but the sound feels like it’s already been done on the album and thus the listener doesn’t connect with it as well as other songs.

恋をしている allows the tempo to slow down but it isn’t pulled off as strongly as other tracks. Although the vocals are nice, the instrumentation feels a bit lacking and thus it doesn’t stand out and catch the listener’s ear very well.

gladiolus also features a slow song and once again, the instrumentation lacks the certain magic to make it stand out abd due to it’s length, it becomes tiresome.

More softness closes the album on オフェリア_act2. However it does fair a little better on this one as the vocals suit the music much more strongly and capture an atmosphere that the listener can enjoy. It’s not a particularly strong song but it’s one worth at least trying.

Album Ranking: C +

The biggest problem on this album is repetition. There is a sameness that comes out on the album and is only made worse by placing the similar songs next to each other as the lighter pop songs begin the album and the ballads finish. Some ones are nice but this album could have definitely been stronger.

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