BONNIE PINK – 鐘を鳴らして [24th Single]

August 8, 2008 at 12:04 pm (BONNIE PINK) (, )

BONNIE PINK’s 24th single, entitled 鐘を鳴らして, was released on 08.06.08. The title track is the Japanese version of Ring A Bell, released as a digital download single earlier in the year (on her birthday, April 16th). It was used as the XBOX 360 Tales of Vesperia theme song for the Japanese release.

鐘を鳴らしてfeatures a cool rock sound that shines. The song starts off with the drums, which opens up the rock-tinted instrumentation strongly. BONNIE then brings her smooth vocals and cruises through the first verse, capturing the listener’s ear easily. The chorus shines as she brings some more nice vocals and the instrumentation retains its interest and dynamic sound. The pure instrumental section shines as the rock sounds continue to solidify the song’s atmosphere. Overall, it’s a great song and definitely one of BONNIE’s more memorable ones.

The B-side of the single is Pump It Up! This song features a fun dance beat and actually compliments BONNIE’s voice very well and the whispered lyrics provide a sort of mystery that the listener can fall in love with. It’s a nice and different sound from her so it comes through shining.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 鐘を鳴らして was made. The video opens with BONNIE walking into a room and as she touches a magical flying cube, she is taken into an animated world. This is the theme that runs throughout the video as various objects/scenes take BONNIE in and out of this world and it’s actually a pretty cool video.

Single Ranking: A

BONNIE PINK brings another great single as she sings the Japanese version of her previously digitally released song, Ring A Bell. Although the song sounded stronger in English, the Japanese version is enjoyable and catchy just like the original. Pump It Up! is a great addition to the single in that it shows a different sound for BONNIE and she shines on it. It’s a fantastic single and one for BONNIE to be proud of.


  1. [Blogs] Amai Wana Reviews Bonnie Pink | International Wota said,

    […] BONNIE PINK – 鐘を鳴らして [24th Single] […]

  2. Raid said,


    I could never EVER do that. You’re just pure madskillz.

    I can never ever figure out what BONNIE PINK is doing. She was pretty bubblegum pop for a while, a bit acoustic pop for a while and now….?

    She needs to make up her mind. xD

  3. amaiyume said,

    Well I’ve only heard a select few of her older works but I do like her recent songs (from Thinking Out Loud and then Ring A Bell of course) so I wonder what she’ll be doing next 🙂

    haha, I can’t take all the credit for those 7 reviews…well I mean I can but I actually pre-wrote a lot of them and then posted them all at the same time XD

    I knew I would be gone for a couple days and thus wouldn’t be able to post so that was my way of providing some new reviews for the blog lol

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