SMAP – そのまま / White Message [42nd Single]

August 6, 2008 at 11:40 pm (SMAP) (, )

SMAP’s 42nd single, entitled そのまま / White Message, was released on 03.05.08. そのまま was used as the theme song for the dorama Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Takakai.

そのままis an excellent midtempo number. The song begins with a sweet midtempo sound and then the chorus comes in, with strong vocals that catch the listener’s ear easily. Following is the first verse, with vocals that really match the song’s atmosphere and show off what these boys can really do. Each moment of pure instrumentation really shine as they show the simplistic beauty of the music. This is an excellent song that really shines as the boys bring strong vocals over a very pretty instrumental, making it one to check out.

White Message picks things up nicely as the second A-side. Opening the song is a sparkling and sweet instrumental that has a dreamy feeling to it that cradles the listener. Things then pick up for a poppier sound on the chorus as the boys give strong vocals and sound great. Then the first verse comes and the vocals and music take on a more relaxing feeling that lets the listener sail through. The rap sequence is a perfect fit with this song as there is a sort of cuteness to it that makes the listener smile. Closing the song is more of the twinkling instrumentation to make the song enjoyable from beginning to end. White Message is another great song, which is very loveable.

Single Ranking: A

SMAP delivers strongly on both songs to make this a memorable single. そのまま is a very sweet midtempo number that is really strong and then things pick up a little for White Message, which is adorable. It’s definitely a strong and memorable single from start to finish.

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