WaT – 時を越えて ~Fantastic World~ [10th Single]

August 4, 2008 at 5:06 pm (WaT) (, )

WaT’s 10th single, entitled 時を越えて ~Fantastic World,~ was released on 04.23.08. The title track was used for Universal Studio Japan’s “Fantastic World” CM.

時を越えて ~Fantastic World~ is a fun upbeat number. The song starts off with the chorus as the boys’ vocals catch the upbeat and happy atmosphere of the song. The instrumentation is guitar-driven and provides the listener with a great listening experience. For the verses, there is more of a relaxing feeling but the vocals still carry well. The pure instrumental section allows the guitar to shine before the chorus comes back and the emphasis is put on the boys’ vocals. This song just has that fun energy that the listener can enjoy from start to finish, making it an enjoyable A-side.

The B-side of the single is 花咲けば. The song begins with a very sweet midtempo sound and then the tempo picks up a little for the chorus. Rock fuels the instrumentation and the boys keep up nicely with good vocals. On the first verse, the vocals are still strong and continue to lead the listener along to the chorus. If there is one standout part of this song, it’s the pure instrumental section, which really shows off the rock flare impressively. Overall it’s a very nice B-side and compliments the A-side well.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 時を越えて ~Fantastic World~ was made. The video is very simple, consisting of only the boys playing guitar in a room. It’s nothing particularly worth watching but it’s okay.

Single Ranking: B

Overall the songs on this song are nice as both feature a rock-driven instrumentation and good vocals from the boys. Although the songs are a little forgettable, they are worth the first listen.

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