V6 – VIBES [DVD Single]

July 31, 2008 at 6:49 pm (V6) (, )

V6’s 1st DVD single, entitled VIBES, was released on 07.30.08. The single’s leading track, 常夏 VIBRATION, was used as the theme song for the boys’ show Gakkou e Ikou! MAX.

常夏 VIBRATION is the first song on the single. The single opens up with the sweet summery instrumental and the boys sound very nice on the chorus as they capture the breeziness of the song perfectly. The rap section during the first verse sounds great and the following section, which is sung is another great part. Both the rapping and the singing nicely capture the summer atmosphere of the song by spotlight a fun-ness that stands out to the listener. The pure instrumental section breaks things down nicely and highlights a prettiness before the happy chorus comes back in. 常夏  VIBRATION is an excellent song with the sounds of summer sparkling in the instrumentation. It’s definitely a great way to lead the single and stands out to the listener nicely.

The second song is the sweet jazzy song, プールサイド・マーメイド. The song starts off with the chorus, as the boys smoothly sing the lyrics and hook the listener over the jazzy instrumentation. Then the first verse begins and the there are continuous strong vocals that stand out to the listener. With the pure instrumentation sequence, the spanish guitar is spotlighted and then there is a smooth transition into the chorus again. Music along with a few vocalizations from the boys provide the song with a nice fade-out finish. The instrumentation is definitely one of the song’s biggest strengths as there are jazzy elements that direct the boys and their vocals follow suit perfectly with smoothness, power and control.

Up next is DIVE. The song begins with a fantastic and upbeat instrumentation with rock flares to really make it stand out to the listener. Soon the first verse begins and the vocals are smooth and fit with the atmosphere of the song perfectly. The chorus has a certain poppiness that makes it stand out and the instrumentation remains interesting and addictive. Coolness and sleekness are spotlighted during the moments of pure instrumentation and provide the listener for more addictive music. DIVE is a fantastic number with an addictive instrumentation that leaves the listener wanting more and is definitely a strong song to be put on this single.

The fourth song on the single is nostalgie. Opening the song is an interesting upbeat instrumental that fades softer and then grows louder again, directing the listener. The is a slight disortion on the boys’ voices and that sound really fits with the atmosphere created by the music. Once the chorus comes in, the boys give off more vocal power and it stands out as the distortion on their voices disappears. The relaxing feel of the song really emerges on the pure instrumental section and really captures the listener’s attention. A vibrating instrumental then finishes the song. notalgie is an excellent song and slows things down a little bit, which gives a nice change of pace from the previous singles.

The fifth track is 心からの歌. Powerfully, the chorus starts and the strong vocals go perfectly with the beautiful piano instrumentation. The emotions flow wonderfully and soon the tempo picks up. The boys then have smooth vocals that go with the midtempo atmosphere of the song very well. As the song goes on, the pure instrumental section is reached where both the softer elements and the more upbeat elements play together for an enjoyable experience. This song is another excellent addition to the single and really stands out to the listener.

VOLTAGE picks up the energy with an addictive instrumental. Opening the song is an aggressive pop sound and then the first verse starts. The boys’ voices sound absolutely great here and move with the music so well that the listener becomes addicted. With the chorus, the English phrases such as “shock wave” and “you’ve got my voltage” really pop nicely and help the chorus really stand out. VOLTAGE is a brilliant song and definitely one of the standouts on this single; a song definitely not worth missing out on.

サンキュー! ミュージック! is the single’s semifinale. There is a certain coolness and relaxing atmosphere that comes through the opening instrumentation that catches the listener’s ear before the first verse starts. The vocals are strong and go with the music so well. The poppiness of the chorus really stands out while the boys give more strong vocals to support the instrumentation and the English phrase “thank you music for my life” is a great way to open it. The relaxing feeling really comes out on the pure instrumental section and sounds great.  It’s another wonderful song and another real standout snumber on this single.

The single’s bonus track is きっとよくなる. Opening the song is a nice guitar instrumentation and then the first verse starts. The vocals are smooth and keep the listener interested. Stronger vocals and more diverse instrumentation make the chorus the real standout part of the song. Although this is the weakest song on the single, it does give a nice change of pace from all the upbeat numbers on this single.

Single Ranking: A

V6’s new single features many songs and the collection of them make this one fantastic single. The three biggest standout songs are VOLTAGE, サンキュー! ミュージック! and DIVE. The other songs are all great numbers and are definitely worth listening for old V6 fans and new ones as well.

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