AZU – 時間よ止まれ [4th Single]

July 27, 2008 at 11:57 am (AZU) (, )

AZU’s fourth single, entitled 時間よ止まれ, was released on 07.02.08. The title track was used as the ending theme for the anime series Itazura na Kiss.

AZU teams up with SEAMO for the title track, 都会っ子 純情. The song starts off with a sweet and romantic instrumental that takes the listener into the world of the song before SEAMO comes in with a little rap. AZU then sings the first verse and her vocals are somewhat deep but smooth and go with the music nicely. The chorus is nice although there isn’t much instrumental variety and AZU doesn’t really show off any more vocal power than before so it doesn’t pop. SEAMO then comes in with his rap sequence and there is a certain poppiness to it that is nice but once again, it doesn’t realy catch the listener’s ear. Overall it’s a nice song but it doesn’t engage the listener as strongly as it should.

あなたのスペシャルになりたい is the first B-side. The song starts off with a light and upbeat intsrumental with a cuteness. AZU’s vocals during the chorus sound nice but it doesn’t sound like there is much power. Soon the first verse starts and AZU’s vocals are smooth and suit the overall atmosphere a little bit stronger. Much like the A-side, the song is nice but it doesn’t capture the listener and it begins to feel a little repetitive as the song progresses.

最後の恋 is the second B-side. A sweet instrumental starts off the song that immediately catches the listener and then the first verse begins. AZU’s vocals, which are somewhat deep, fit with the music perfectly here and really demands attention. The chorus allows her to bring just a little more vocal power but it does all the difference, keeping the interest high. This is the best song on the single and definitely has the potential to lead the single as the A-side.

Single Ranking: B –

This single’s biggest problem is the lack of leaving the strongest impression. Both the title track and the first B-side don’t catch the listener’s attention while 最後の恋 does a good job of maintaining the interest. Hopefully her future releases will bring that catchy factor.


  1. Raid said,

    Sounds like another Aragaki Yui to me. Gakki also has sweet but not-strong vocals, and her songs have a way of not leaving any footprints in your memories whatsoever.

    Is a B- a good grade? What is considered bad? xD

  2. amaiyume said,

    um, B- is an okay grade. Basically I keep a list of the top releases of the year and as long as the score is a B- (the minimum), then they make it on the list.

    haha, I don’t give many grades below a B-, the only one coming to mind right now is DIARY from Aoyama Thelma [so she’s not on the top album releases of this year] XD

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