Hey! Say! JUMP – Dreams come true [2nd Single]

July 26, 2008 at 11:54 pm (Hey! Say! JUMP) (, )

Hey! Say! JUMP’s second single, was released on 05.21.08. 俺たちの青春 was used as the insert song for the dorama, Gokusen 3. The regular edition of the single features the third song, Chance to Change.

The first song on the single is the title track, Dreams come true. The song begins with an upbeat and hopeful instrumental, nicely set off by the guitar. Then the chorus kicks off and the vocals are very nice here, moving with the music very well and capturing the listener’s ear. The boys continue strongly with the first verse, which sounds very nice and the higher-pitched vocals in the background add a real cute touch to the song that fits with the overall atmosphere. There is a certain coolness factor that emerges on the pure instrumental section, which is divided into two different parts. The first part has an edgy flare to it that stands out to the listener and then the song’s regular hopeful instrumentation comes in again. Ending the song is that high-spirited instrumental that takes the listener out of the song perfectly. Dreams come true is a great song and is certainly a strong song.

俺たちの青春 is the second song sung by group-member Takaki Yuya. Opening the song is a sweet and sorrowful instrumental, highlighted by the beautiful piano. The vocals that then start the first verse sound great and capture the song’s emotion very strongly. The chorus features even stronger vocals and a more persistent instrumental section as the listener really becomes wrapped up in the vocals. The song finishes off with a wonderful instrumental that takes the listener out of the song after leading them through so effortlessly. Yuya really shines here and the this song showcases his vocal abilities over a beautiful instrumental.

Chance to Change is present only on the regular edition of the single. To start off the song, a very happy and upbeat instrumental brings in the chorus strongly. The vocals hold a certain cuteness to them that goes with the song’s atmosphere perfectly. The first verse is really interesting as the music changes slightly and there is almost a video-game quality to it that suits the boys’ vocals very well. The third verse features some great vocals and leads into a very interesting and addictive pure instrumental sequence that the listener can’t help but love. Chance to Change is an excellent song that the boys bring to life with energy and cuteness.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Dreams come true was made. The video is very simple as it features the boys singing in a room (which is white along with some orange panels as well). There are various scenes of the boys singing together and then later in the video there are scenes of certain members doing things such as hula-hooping, playing with big yellow balls, etc. It’s a nice and simple video that goes with the song nicely.

Single Ranking: A

Hey! Say! JUMP’s 2nd single features three good songs. The A-side is a upbeat and hopeful tune that the boys do a great job of bringing. Yuya steps in for 俺たちの青春 and emotes wonderfully, capturing the listener’s ear. Chance to Change features another upbeat sound that stands out as the music is certainly highlighted and matches the boys’ voices. It’s another great song that adds to the single’s strength.


  1. International Wota » Blogs Johnny's » [Blogs] Amai Wana Review HSJ said,

    […] Hey! Say! JUMP – Dreams come true [2nd Single] […]

  2. kaorineko said,

    I love this review! I’ve been so in love with HSJ recently~
    Dreams come true is like the catchiest song everrrrr

    P.S. – Where’s Keito?! T____________________T

  3. amaiyume said,

    yep, the single was really good!! Personally I prefer Your Seed, in fact Dreams come true is my least fav A-side this far but it’s still really fun and catchy 🙂

    Here’s Keitos one!!

    I didn’t have enough room for two of them 😦

  4. kaorineko said,

    OK GUD. I love me some Keito~

    And you didn’t blogroll us!

  5. amaiyume said,

    haha, I totally will now!!!

  6. Karen said,

    Dreams come true took me a LONG time to remember on how it sounded like because compared to Ultra Music Power , I found Dreams come true really forgettable . It took me like what more than 20 listens to get it haha

  7. amaiyume said,

    Yeah at first for me it was like Your Seed > Bouken Rider >>>>> Ultra Music Power >>>> Dreams Come True. But actually coming back and giving it a proper listen + watching the making of, I’ve come to like Dreams come true more than Ultra Music Power. We’ll see if that changes later on XD

  8. shizuka154 said,

    ohh…so nice..lo0olz…daiki forever….

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