Arashiro Beni – Southern Star, Mellow Parade + BIG BANG [New Songs]

July 25, 2008 at 2:52 am (Arashiro Beni) ()

In order to promote Arashiro Beni’s latest BEST album, three new songs were included: Southern Star, Mellow Parade and BIG BANG. Southern Star was used as the Orion Beer CM song; Mellow Parade was used as the theme song for the movie Bra Bra Bran Bran (starring Beni herself) and BIG BANG was used as the theme song for Mainichi Housou’s TV broadcast of the Kouhien Bowl.

Beni shows off a more light and happy sound for Southern Star. The song begins with the chorus, nicely showing her vocals, which go nicely with the instrumentation. A more mellow feeling comes through on the verses and Beni’s vocals sound great. The pure instrumental section has an out-of-this-world feeling to it that sounds really nice and makes for a good re-introduction of the chorus. Southern Star is a nice song, although not the strongest, but it’s a nice listen.

Mellow Parade is the standout new song that Beni delivers grace and beauty to. The song starts out with a beautiful instrumentation highlitghted by the flute and soon the vocals start, instrumentation changes slightly. Beni’s vocals sound very pretty and move with the music perfectly. The light jazz influences that run through the instrumentation keep the listener hooked and Beni’s vocals help lure them. English phrases such as “come to mellow parade” and “tell me” pop very nicely and stand out. The pure instrumental section is a nice break between the vocals and then makes for a smooth re-introduction. Mellow Parade is an excellent song and one of the best songs in Beni’s discography.

BIG BANG is the last new song. The song starts off with a cool instrumental and a voice speaking in English that creates the feeling of a spy mission and then the chorus comes in. With some rock flares, the chorus stands out nicely and Beni’s vocals sound great. The verse features a slight distortion on the vocals and then Beni comes in and delivers her lyrics with an attitude to make them pop. BIG BANG stands out as Beni gives out the attitude and personality that it needs to be memorable.

Song Rankings: A –

These three songs show off Beni’s personality and vocals nicely. The strongest number is the sweet and enjoyable Mellow Parade as Beni brings her sweet vocals to a very pretty instrumental. BIG BANG is a very strong number as Beni’s attitude carries the lyrics to fit with the music. Southern Star has a lighter tone that stands out to the listener although it does feel a little slow at points. Overall though these are three good songs that the listener can enjoy.


  1. Raid said,

    Somehow this puzzles me. The album sounds great according to your review, and there’s pretty good tie-ins too. What is with the lack of popularity with her?

    Japan is strange.

  2. blackmager said,

    yes, it is true.
    Beni is a good singer.
    Just with crappy writers at times.
    And for some reason, crappy promotion.
    The good artists always seems to get the crappy promotion.
    Just like Eri Nobuchika.

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