alan – ひとつ [2nd Single]

July 23, 2008 at 5:02 am (alan) (, )

alan’s 2nd single, entitled ひとつ, was released on 03.05.08.

The single’s title track takes a slightly different route from the previous single while still being enjoyable. The song opens up with a very pretty instrumental and then the first verse starts. alan’s vocals sound great here and compliment the music very well. The fragility and beauty that her voice carries really entrances the listener strongly and stands out. The chorus features some great vocals from alan as she hits her notes with power and beauty, catching the listener’s attention. Moments of pure instrumentation show off just how pretty the music is and stands out to the listener strongly. The beautiful instrumental closes the song beautifully, making the song strong from its first moment to its last moment.

The tempo picks up with, 君想フ空, the first B-side of the single. Opening the song is a beautiful instrumental that takes the listener into the world of the song. As the chorus starts, the tempo picks up slightly and there is a hopeful feeling established from the music. There is a certain light-heartedness that the song emotes that really catches the listener’s ear. The first verse features some very pretty vocals that move with the music. The chorus comes in again and sounds great with alan’s continuing strong vocals. The pure instrumental spotlights just how enjoyable the music really is and it hooks the listener, making a smooth re-introduction for the chorus.

東京未明 slows things down a little bit. A sweet R&B sounding instrumental starts the song off and smoothly melts into the first verse. alan’s vocals are very pretty and they match the music perfectly. alan holds her note greatly before the chorus comes in and alan shows off her voice very nicely, hitting her notes with a little more power. The pure instrumental section is really pretty and has a sort of dreamy feeling to it that is unmistakable to the listener. The song is an enjoyable number and a great addition to this single.

The last song on the single is the musically focused and creative, sign. The song starts off with a very mysterious feeling and alan’s vocals creep into the picture. Soon the song begins its true sound and the spotlighted on the instrumentation here, which is absolutely gorgeous. The listener is taken on a journey while listening to the song and it definitely is an enjoyable listening experience. Although there isn’t much vocalization, sign is definitely one of alan’s most unique songs with a fantastic instrumentation.

In order to promote the single, a PV for ひとつ was made. The video is pretty simple as it features alan singing in the snow. She looks very pretty and the whole snow atmosphere is actually a strong fit for the song so it’s not only visually appealing but it connects with the song. There is a scene nearing the end when alan places her necklace on a statue and immediately, rose petals begin to fall from the sky. The video is wonderful and a great match for the song.

Single Ranking: A +

alan’s 2nd single features four different songs to show off what alan can do. The title track is great ballad featuring some great vocals from alan. While 君想フ空 exutes a happy and hopeful atmosphere, 東京未明 is a softer song that has a more dreamy and cozy feeling that the listener can enjoy. The single closes with sign, which puts a spotlight on a truly strong instrumental. The single features great songs that combine to form an enjoyable piece from alan.


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  2. Karen said,

    at 1st I was a bit apprenshive to give this single a shot since it has 3 B-sides which was quite scary but I actually enjoy all the songs on here

    I like sign a lot though

  3. amaiyume said,

    Yeah this is another good single but IMO, it’s her worst one. Not to say it’s bad but Hitotsu is a little forgettable. And her other B-sides are MUCH better than Tokyo Mimei and Kimi Omou Sora. sign is awesome though!

  4. Karen said,

    the single covers for Hitotsu still scares the hell outta me , I think it’s her hair O_O

  5. amaiyume said,

    …they’re my least fav covers…dunno why. They’re just not very eye-catching.
    hahahaha, they scare you? I think someone said her hair looks like Medusa so maybe that’s it XD

  6. Karen said,

    yeah that’s the 1st thought that popped into my mind , I thought I saw Medusa on the covers initally haha

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