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EXILE’s 2nd consecutive BEST album, entitled EXILE ENTERTAINMENT BEST, was released on 07.23.08. This album is the second of the three BEST albums that form EXILE Perfect Year 2008. This album features the group’s most energetic tracks and is comprised of a few new songs and re-recordings of old songs with new band members Atsushi and Takahiro.

The first new song on the album is SUPER SHINE. The song starts off with a cool twinkling sound before the song’s true sound comes in. With some opening vocalizations, the song then goes into the chorus, which is catchy for the interesting instrumentation and the way that the boys hold their notes well. The first verse then comes in and the boys sound great here. Closing the song is the same twinkling sound that opened it. The song is definitely a fun song that stands out to the listener strongly as the boys vocalize strongly and the instrumenation remains as interesting as ever.

Following SUPER SHINE is MY FANTASY, a upbeat song still holding a more mellow vibe. The song begins with a cool sounding instrumentation and some nice vocalizing. The first verse then begins and it’s actually the instrumentation that catches the listener’s attention instead of the vocals, which are a little too soft anyway. The chorus is somewhat forgettable but the English is a nice fit for the song’s atmosphere. MY FANTASY is a pretty forgettable song and doesn’t fit as well with the overall theme of this BEST album as being energetic.

Much like 24 Karats -Type EX- on previous studio album, EXILE LOVE, the same style is brought with AI for So Special-Type EX.- Instead of having the whole group however, Atsushi steps to the position, making it a duet. The song begins with a sweet and softer instrumental before the first verse starts. AI’s vocals sound pretty deep here and don’t exactly catch the listener’s ear as strongly as they should. Atsushi’s vocals sound nice but nothing particularly noteworthy. The two voices mesh well together on the chorus however, complimenting each other well. Overall the song is again, pretty forgettable and not a good fit with the album’s theme.

New Songs Ranking: B

The new songs on EXILE ENTERTAINMENT BEST are all right, although there are the ups and downs. SUPER SHINE is very catchy and definitely fits the overall theme of the album perfectly. So Special is pretty bland and not memorable while MY FANTASY is somewhat between the two. Not the greatest new numbers but the collection of other songs is nice for an EXILE fan.

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  1. Jolenesiah said,

    i like Exile Choo Choo Train… although is an old song.. but i love it 😀

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