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KAT-TUN’s 2nd studio album, entitled KAT-TUN III -QUEEN OF THE PIRATES,- was released on 06.04.08. The album features a rock sound that runs through it from more aggressive numbers to more mellow songs. The singles released before the album are 喜びの歌, Keep the faith, LIPS and DON’T U EVER STOP (which didn’t make the album cut).

The sleek and sexy, T∀BOO, opens the album. The song opens up with a magical orchestral masterpiece of an instrumental. As the song progresses, the dance beat is slowly introduced and then the first verse starts. The vocals are smooth and go perfectly with the music to make it a great listen. It’s the chorus that really hooks the listener as the boys sleekly sing their lyrics. The whispering element that goes with the boys’ voices really shows off a sexier and cool factor that makes the song just so addictive. More orchestral genius closes the song for a perfect finish. A fantastic song that really does stand out from the album, the opening number is actually the strongest and most addictive song on the album.

Up next is Keep the faith, which was released as a single before the album. After an addictive and aggressive instrumental sequence, the first verse starts. The vocals are smooth and cool, which fits the overall atmosphere of the song. There is a certain poppiness to the chorus that emerges despite the rock sound, which really catches the listener’s ear. The vocals here also are great, making the chorus really stand out. The third verse has a softness that is a nice change of pace before a rap sequence comes in, bringing back the hard instrumental. Keep the faith is an excellent uptempo number and the perfect follow-up to the first song.

After two hot tracks, the boys slow it down with AFFECTION ~もう戻れない~. A nice and smooth instrumental opens compliments the boys’ voices smooth vocals, which are sung higher than usual. They really capture the emotional presence of the song perfectly here and their vocals sound absolutely wonderful here. The chorus is catchy as the instrumentation has a certain energy to it that makes it stand out and the boys move with the music. The pure instrumental section sounds great as it spotlights just how pretty the music really is before the chorus comes in again only with a higher instrumentation. At some points, the vocals sound so high-pitched they they sound somewhat feminine but they still go nicely with the music. However the boys maintained a good vocal range, making the song a definite wonder.

The boys come back with rock edge on HELL, NO. A nice rock instrumental starts off and then the first verse starts. The repetition of the phrase “hell no” really does stick out to the listener and the vocals are nice too. The chorus is more catchy than the verses as there is a certain edge that sounds great and the rapping in the background such as “so shake ya ass” helps establish the coolness and edge of the song nicely. The pure instrumental section is a little dry because the general instrumentation isn’t as aggressive and enjoyable as some of the boys’ other songs but it goes nicely into the third verse. The rap sequence sounds great and is a real standout part of the song to keep the listener hooked. Although it isn’t as aggressive and edgy, HELL, NO is still an enjoyable track.

The opening instrumental to DISTANCE is both interesting a little more aggressive than the previous track. The verses have a certain relaxing feel to them while the rock tints support the piano. The vocals are nice too and soon the chorus comes in. Again, the vocals are nice but they don’t particularly grab the listener and the instrumentation does not change that much. The closing instrumental sounds great though and stands out to the listener very strongly. DISTANCE is a nice rock song that has that more aggressive flare than the previous song.

Things slow down again with MOTHER/FATHER. After a sweet and soft instrumental, the chorus comes in and there is a certain sweet poppiness to it that makes the listener just smile. During the verses, the boys smoothly sing, really drawing attention to that personal touch that resonates with the listener. Although the song is preety simple, MOTHER/FATHER just hits the listener with a personal touch as well as some fantastic vocals from the boys.

LIPS, which was released before the album, is the next song. After a cool and sly instrumental sequence, things pick up with a rock sound to really make the listener take notice. The first verse features some smooth vocals in order to carry with the music. The chorus is nice although it doesn’t pop as much as it should, despite some great vocals. Although the instrumentation isn’t that addictive, it certainly does step up during the pure instrumental section as the guitar really sticks in the listener’s mind. LIPS is a pretty cool track that finds

喜びの歌 starts off with a slick instrumental and some cool vocalizing before the first verse starts. The rock elements fall to the back and there is a more poppy sound, which is unexpected after the pure instrumental sequence. Even with the chorus, the rock elements don’t come back as full force, leaving the listener expecting a little more. It’s only on the pure instrumental sections that the rock flavor comes out strongly enough for the listener to enjoy. One of the weaker songs on the album, 喜びの歌 is definitely not as strong as previous songs.

“un-” is the next song on the album. An interesting instrumental starts off the song before the first verse. The vocals sound nice and there is a poppy element  sounds nice but it’s definitely something that can get boring as time goes on. The chorus is nice but nothing that really stands out as being that strong. The vocals are nice as usual though. This is the weakest song on the entire album and really doesn’t catch the ear of the listener at all.

OUR STORY ~プロローグ~ is another slow jam. The vocals during the verses sound great and smooth as always and with the chorus, there is a certain emotional presence that comes forward by the boys’ vocals. Overall, the song is just okay, not as strong as the other slow songs and the chorus quickly becomes old. It’s definitely a track that is okay to skip and not a particularly wise choice for the semifinal song on the regular edition.

The regular edition closes with 何年たっても. After a cool and funky instrumental, the first verse comes in. The vocals are smooth in order to match the real cool instrumental and it does a nice job of keeping the listener interested. The chorus stands out as the boys show off a little more vocal power, to really take the listener into the world of the song. Usually the rap sequences are a nice fit but this one seemed a bit out of place. Overall 何年たっても is a nice and funky song that is a vast improvement from the last few tracks.

Album Ranking: B +

The album has its rock tints that show themselves strongly on songs such as Keep the faith and HELL, NO. The opening number is without a doubt the album’s strongest point and introduces the overall musical theme of the album perfectly. The slow songs such as AFFECTION ~もう戻れない~ and MOTHER/FATHER show off a nice personal touch that hits the listener strongly. One flaw is that the first half of the album is much stronger than the second half so the listener shifts in terms of enjoyment. However the album closes very nicely.


  1. Karen said,

    nice one Kevin although personally I will give the album A** all the way seeing that it’s my fave album release for the year !

  2. Kaori said,

    I agree with Karen.
    Plus this is their 3rd Studio Album.

  3. amaiyume said,

    stupid wiki lied to me…
    It said that their first album was a BEST album…is this not true?

  4. Karen said,

    erm wiki didn’t lied to you , Kevin . Their 1st album’s titled Best of KAT-TUN & it contains quite a lot of songs that they did before their official debut in ’06 .

    basically Best of KAT-TUN contains quite a lot of material that the sextet did since their formation in ’01 .

    The album’s not bad although some of the non singles are not as strong as QOP’s but it’s still a fun record to listen to .

    Somemore the opening track SHE SAID … is to die for although it’s going to be a task for you to listen to Best of KAT-TUN seeing that there’s only 1 single on the record & 14 non singles on there :O

    I know cos I’m still in the midst of listening to it but there’re some great ones like BUTTERFLY , WILDS OF MY HEART

  5. amaiyume said,

    okkk, so technically it’s a best album…hmm, ok, that’s what I’m gonna go with then, making this their 2nd studio album 🙂

    I shalll definitely check out that album though. Personally, I really liked the first half of this album and then it kinda went south for me. But you and Kaori like it so at least some people really love it…I much prefer Arashi’s album and although they haven’t released an album this year yet, NEWS still takes the number 1 JE boyband spot!! XD

  6. Karen said,

    haha ok but yeah it’s good to give Best of KAT-TUN a shot . I didn’t enjoyed their 2nd album as it’s very messy & all over the place so if you don’t have time , skip their 2nd album & go for their 1st album .

    & erm what do you mean ARASHI has NOT released an album this year yet ?! Dream”A”live was put out this year in April :O

  7. amaiyume said,

    Oh I should’ve phrased that better, I meant NEWS hasn’t released an album thi syear 🙂
    But yeah, I’ll definitely check the album out and give it a review 🙂

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