Aoyama Thelma – 何度も [3rd Single]

July 10, 2008 at 10:31 pm (Aoyama Thelma) (, )

Aoyama Thelma’s 3rd single, entitled 何度も, was released on 07.09.08. The title track was used in a Nintendo DS CM while 未来予想図II is a cover of the DREAMS COME TRUE song of the same name.

何度も is a sparkling midtempo number. The song opens up with a twinkling sound before going into the chorus. Thelma’s vocals sound nice and carry with the music nicely. Sometimes the notes she hits sound a bit off but overall the chorus is nice. Following is a pure instrumental section that sounds great and emphasizes the coolness of the music. Then the first verse starts and her vocals carry well. The third verse really brings out the magical feeling of the instrumentation with Thelma’s vocals to make it stand out. Thelma then delivers the last line of the last chorus beautifully. The song is an excellent representation of Thelma’s vocal power within beautiful instrumentation.

The first B-side is the twinkling upbeat song, LOVE. The song opens up with a beautiful twinkling instrumentation as she sings “believe in you, believe in me.” Then the first verse starts and Thelma sounds great as her vocals are smooth and the instrumentation remains beautiful. The chorus is a little repetitive but her vocals sound as great as ever and the music is still beautiful. The third verse continues the strength of the song. The repetition of “let’s call this love” really does get a bit annoying but overall the song is enjoyable and one of Thelma’s best.

I☆You is the second B-side. Opening the song is a sweet and uptempo instrumental before the chorus, sung in English. Thelma’s vocals sound great and show off her power, particularly when she sings “I star you.” Her voice sounds a bit strange at points but they sound nice with the interesting instrumental. As the song moves on, Thelma’s vocals dont contribute anything particularly noteworth and thus the song really does feel as long as it is. The instrumentation is very interesting but the vocals don’t enhance the song and they somwhat hinder it. It’s definitely a song that grows more annoying to the listener as the song goes on.

未来予想図II opens up with a sweet instrumental. Thelma sounds great on the first verse as she smoothly sings her way through the verse. Unfortunately much like the previous song, Thelma’s vocals aren’t particularly ntoeworthy so the song becomes pretty boring. It’s another song that isn’t much worth the listen.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 何度も was made and it’s very pretty. There is a naturalness to it that makes it enjoyable and the lighting really helps capture the emotion of the song. The video primarily features scenes of Thelma lying on her bed and walking through the town. It’s a very enjoyable video that captures the spirit of the song nicely.

Single Ranking: B –

Thelma’s 3rd single features fantastic instrumentation in every song but her vocals detract away from the beauty of the songs. The first B-side, LOVE, is the nicest one on the single while the title track follows. The other two B-sides may be good for a few listens but aren’t very strong songs.


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