Perfume – love the world [12th Single]

July 7, 2008 at 5:50 pm (Perfume) (, )

Perfume’s 12th single, entitled love the world, was released on 07.09.08. The single is the group’s first after their studio album, GAME. The B-side, edge, was used for a Kose CM.

The single opens up with the title track, love the world. Interesting and fun instrumentation opens the song up before the first verse starts. The girls’ voices suound great here as the distortion is a perfect fit with the music. The chorus picks up a certain energy and possesses an element of cuteness that works in the song’s favor. Finishing off the chorus is a very catchy “chu chu chu” before they sing the song’s title. The song ends with pure instrumentation to finish the song off just as nicely as the song began. love the world is an excellent number that still shows off Nakata’s flare and Perfume’s charm.

The B-side to the single is edge. The song starts off with a mysterious sound reminiscent of the wind before a hot and interesting instrumental comes in. Repetition of lyrics starts off the song very nicely as the vocals sound great and have a certain energy that captures the listener. Soon the song takes off into a slightly different instrumentation that is heavier and the vocals still keep up with the music. The song finishes with pure instrumentation with the girls’ vocals repeated to bring the strong song to a great close. Although the song is quite long, clocking it in at over six minutes, the listener is taken into the world of the song from start to finish so that it doesn’t feel long at all.

In order to promote love the world, a PV for the title track was made. The video was done in all black and white and features some strange sequences such as a rubix cube with their faces on it, the girls crumbling images of themselves among other things. The main point of the video is visual repetition and it is a nice and interesting way to convey the song.

Single Ranking: A –

Perfume’s 12th single features love the world and the B-side, edge. love the world is a fun track that does have a certain cuteness and charm to it that stands out to the listener. edge is an excellent song that continues to show off Nakata’s strength at producing and Perfume’s voices really bring the song alive. love the world is another excellent release from Perfume and shows that they are still going strong.


  1. Perfume - love the world [12th Single] | Fashion Blog said,

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  2. minkAYuko said,

    I agree, nice review =D

  3. Salim_Khan said,

    Sugoi ne!

    i love it, i love it ^__^

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