Jyongri – Love Forever [2nd Studio Album]

July 3, 2008 at 5:07 am (Jyongri) (, )

Jyongri’s second album, entitled Love Forever, was released on 07.02.08. Three singles were released prior to the album: Lullaby For You, Kissing Me and Unchanging Love ~君がいれば.~

The album’s introductory track is also the album’s title track, Love Forever. She begins the track singing in complete English acapella and her vocals sound very nice and calm here. Soon there are some backing vocals that vocalize while she continues to sing in English. Then the song picks up as Jyongri’s backing vocals create a sort of backing beat on their own and it’s a very interesting way to make the song pop. Love Forever is an excellent introductory track and is a very cool sounding song.

Tender Touch is the album’s first full track. The song starts off with a sweet piano opening that begins to pick up slowly before the first verse. Her vocals, which hold a certain deepness, work with the music well and there is a small emotional presence that slowly builds up. The chorus begins with the English line “it only takes that tender touch,” which is a nice start for the chorus. It’s the chorus that really stands out and although it does feel a little longer than needed, it definitely is the high point of the song. The song finishes with the chorus and a little piano ending to bring the song to a nice finish. Tender Touch may not be fantastic but it’s a good song after the introduction.

Up next is Kissing Me, the first single released before the album. The song begins with the sounds of the piano over a cool and somewhat mysterious upbeat instrumentation. The first verse begins nicely with some great vocals as well as the instrumentation, which maintains its coolness. After a nice buildup to the chorus, the full potential isn’t achieved. The English phrases during the chorus “kissing me” and “loving you” are a nice pop but overall the chorus sounds a little bland. While the verses capture the listener’s ear, especially the last phrase of the verses, the chorus is a little boring. The rapidity that she delivers her lyrics is interesting but doesn’t stand out that strongly. The third verse features some very nice vocals and the song ends with some great vocalizing. The ending then becomes very strong and the verses are strong too, unfortunately the chorus is somewhat lacking. Overall Kissing Me is a nice song that really does stand out at the end.

Another single, Unchanging Love ~君がいれば~ appears next. The song starts off with a nice instrumental before the first verse starts. The vocals are nice but the overall sound and atmosphere of the song is somewhat boring here. The chorus doesn’t stand out as much as it should but she definitely holds the ending note very nicely. The third verse is nothing special either but she does hit a higher note very nicely. Overall the song is pretty boring and definitely not single material. The song fits with the vibe the album gives off but does it in an uninteresting way.

Catch me begins with an interesting uptempo instrumentation that really catches the listener’s ear. The opening vocals possess a certain coolness and slickness that stands out. The first verse features some deep vocals that go very well with the music. The instrumentation right before the chorus sounds great and is a great introduction to the chorus. Her vocals sound great, particularly on the English lines. The ending isn’t as strong as hoped as Jyongri sings in the background and it becomes slightly annoying. Catch me is a great track that is a nice fit on the album and stands out, instrumentally.

Up next is Lullaby For You. The song starts off with a nice piano interlude before entering the first verse. Her vocals sound nice and have a certain deepness to them that really works with the music to capture the song’s atmosphere. Once again, the chorus is pretty bland and although her vocals are nice, it’s just lacking that magical element to make it stand out. Released as a single, Lullaby For You doesn’t stand out any more than it did when it was previously released.

私の太陽 is the seventh song on the album. Opening up is a more interesting instrumental that has a certain relaxing feel to it. Jyongri’s vocals are pretty deep as she sings the verses and it makes them very enjoyable. The English line “I can’t live without you” sung right before the chorus is strong as she hits the higher not fantastically. The chorus is pretty cool as the instrumentation is different from the sound of the other songs and her vocals sound great. The same relaxing instrumentation brings the song to great finish, much like the song began. 私の太陽 is one of the more stand-out tracks from the album and it is certainly worth the listen.

The same interest is kept with 泣いてもいいよ.  After a cool and almost uplifting-sounding instrumentation, the first begins and Jyongri’s vocals sound so smooth and strong, that they work perfectly with the music. The chorus is a great uptempo sound, which shows off a definite variety from Jyongri that really captures the listener’s ear from the start. The following section of pure instrumentation sounds great as it puts a spotlight on how cool the instrumentation is. Following the previous track, this song maintains the listener’s interest with a cool instrumentation and great vocals.

You’re the one is the next song. Following a small instrumental section with Jyongri singing “you’re the one,” the first verse begins. Unfortunately, the song is pretty boring and although the rapidity of the chorus is a nice touch, the overall sound of the song sounds so lacking after so many tracks with the same sound. Her vocals don’t particularly make the song stand out any more. The song is pretty boring and it doesn’t capture the listener’s ear at all.

Lovers DRIVE, a B-side before the album, is the next song. After a cool and somewhat funky instrumental, the first verse comes in. Her vocals sound great and don’t have her usual deepness. It really does stand out to the listener very nicely. The chorus is nice and upbeat to make the listener follow the song from beginning to finish. One of the more fun numbers, Lovers DRIVE certainly stands out from the rest of the album very nicely.

Luckily interest continues on the next song, The Chills. The song stands out primarily for its instrumentation. Jyongri’s vocals sound consistently strong throughout the song and the whispering in the background even creates a certain sex appeal. The Chills is certainly a noteworthy song that catches the listener’s ear and is definitely worth the listen.

Still In Love is one of the album’s vocal standouts as the instrumentation remains pretty basic, sticking to just the piano as Jyongri sings from her heart. As nice as her vocals are, the instrumentation is just not very capturing and thus it doesn’t stand out as it should.

The finale of the album is STARS and the instrumentation does stand out a little more than usual. Her vocals sound nice throughout the song and as it stands out a little more than other songs, it’s definitely a nice closing song for the album.

Album Ranking: C +

Jyongri’s second album features a certain sound that infects certain tracks and makes them sound repetitive and dull. However the album does have its strong points: 私の太陽, 泣いてもいいよ, The Chills, Catch me and Lovers DRIVE. Overall the album feels somewhat bland and had the album taken more of a sound like the aforementioned songs, then the album would have showed off Jyongri’s artistic diversity and would have been much stronger.

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