Suzuki Ami – ONE [29th Single]

July 2, 2008 at 12:58 pm (Suzuki Ami) (, )

Suzuki Ami’s 29th single, entitled ONE, was released on 07.02.08. With Ami’s 10th anniversary in the music industry, she returned to work with Yasutaka Nakata, with whom she worked on her previous album DOLCE. ONE was used as the support song for the 28th Senior High School Student Quiz.

ONE follows Ami’s recent style of work by retaining a more electronic sound. The song opens up with Ami singing “number one” over a strong and funky techno beat. Once the first verse comes, the vocals are lowered to focus on the beat but still remains enjoyable. The chorus features the more uptempo techno sound that really makes the song what it is. Her vocals, although distorted, sound fantastic with the beat and at the end, she hits the note perfectly as she sings the word “one.” The pure instrumental sections are wonderful because they spotlight just how wonderful the music sounds. The ending song features an addictive beat that is a perfect finish for the song. ONE is one of Ami’s best songs within her new music era of exploring techno sounds and it is the perfect beginning for a new album era.

The B-side of the single is A Token of Love. The song starts off with a cool instrumentation that takes the listener into the world of the song. The music features an aggressive beat and then a lighter one before Ami’s vocals begin. The first verse features some vocals, which don’t feature as much distortion as some of her other songs but they work with the music. The chorus features a certain cute element that works, especially with the English phrases. The song is pretty long, hitting a mark just above six minutes and it does feel a little long points but it’s still a great song.

In order to promote the single, a PV for ONE was made. The video is relatively simple as it features Ami singing the song and just being sexy and fun. The use of color definitely hooks the viewer as they take a ride throughout the colors of the rainbow that make up this PV. Her hair looks great throughout the entire video and matches the sexy vibe perfectly. The best scenes of entire PV are of Ami when she is wearing the black and white dress. The outfit matches the flourescent white lights and black walls and the silver eye makeup that encircles her eye looks amazing. One interesting section of the video features multiple copies of Ami arranged to spell out “ONE.” Overall the PV was pretty simple but very enjoyable.

Single Ranking: A

Suzuki Ami’s 29th single continues her work with Yasutaka Nakata very strongly. ONE is an excellent track that features an incredible beat and Ami’s vocals move perfectly with the sound. The song is definitely one of Ami’s best and comes through to the listener strongly. A Token of Love features a more cute side and although the song is long, reaching slightly over six minutes, it is certainly enjoyable.

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