alan – 懐かしい未来 ~longing future~ [3rd Single]

June 30, 2008 at 11:37 pm (alan) (, )

alan’s 3rd single, entitled 懐かしい未来 ~longing future,~ was released on 07.02.08. The title track was used as the NHK TV special program SAVE THE FUTURE’s theme song.

懐かしい未来 ~longing future~ is a ballad that channels the element of earth. The song begins with a soft instrumentation before going into the first verse, in which alan smoothly sails her way through. Her soft vocals work perfectly with the music to bring out the emotional presence of the song. The chorus allows alan to show off more vocal power and the instrumentation takes on more of an uplifting feel. Soon after alan really belts out her truly amazing voice and its presence fits perfectly with the song. The pure instrumental section is absolutely gorgeous as it begins with twinkling sounds coming into the music before alan gorgeously plays the ehru. The addition of her playing the ehru is an absolutely wonderful treat as its soothing sounds work to enhance that natural and beautiful feeling from the song. 懐かしい未来 ~longing future~ is an excellent song that shows off alan’s vocal range and her ability to play the ehru with a beautiful instrumentation.

The B-side to the single is Seed of Green. The song starts off with a twinkling sound before a very earthy instrumentation comes in. There is such a natural beauty that the music evokes and it really stands out to the listener. The first verse begins and alan sings her way through it very smoothly and moves with the music perfectly. the hook is like a bridge as the instrumentation begins to become a little more varied in time for the chorus. The chorus sounds very nice as alan sounds great vocally and the instrumentation remains interesting. The following pure instrumental section sounds great as the sounds of nature come alive. Pure instrumentation brings the song to a nice finish. Seed of Green is a wondrful compliment to the title track and evokes a certain natural quality that catches the listener’s ear from first listen.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 懐かしい未来 ~longing future~ was made. The video is simple yet beautiful as it features only a few scenes but that choice captures the very natural and earthy atmosphere of the song. One scene features alan on a beach underneath a pretty sky wearing the same outfit from the covers. Another scene features her looking at a large painting and later in the same room, she plays the ehru. Another scene includes alan standing outside with a wonderful painting in the middle of a field. The PV is wonderful and is a perfect fit with the song.

Single Ranking: A

alan’s 3rd single features 懐かしい未来 ~longing future,~ a natural ballad that captures the element of earth wonderfully. Seed of Green also captures a certain earthiness that makes the entire single a cohesive one. alan sounds great on both songs to make this a fantastic single.


  1. radiantdawn said,

    I like how alan is releasing singles with a certain element to it, like fire and water. I think she’s got some real creativity.

    But I kinda REALLY want an album. D:

  2. koyot3 said,

    She’s So cute

  3. Karen said,

    another great single coming from alan & you should admit that the A & B-side songs does fit the whole Earth theme really well ne

  4. amaiyume said,

    yep yep, the earth theme was nailed perfectly here as the sky theme was nailed perfectly on Sora Uta. alan is just amazing and I LOVE her. One of my fav artists no question as she has yet to disappoint me!

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