Tegomasu – アイアイ傘 [3rd Single]

June 28, 2008 at 5:36 pm (Tegomasu) ()

Tegomass released their third single, entitled アイアイ傘, on 06.18.08. Coming nearly a year after their last single, Tegoshi and Masuda team up again for the ending theme for the anime series Neo Angelique Abyss. The single features the title track A-side, two B-sides as well as an extra B-side,僕のシンデレラ, only present on the regular edition of the single.

アイアイ傘 is the album’s title track and is a sweet ballad.  The song begins with a dreamy and twinkling instrumentation to introduce the song’s beauty wonderfully. The first verse features the sound of the strumming of the guitar in the instrumentation to move with both boys’ voices very nicely. Both Masuda and Tegoshi have smooth vocals so that it catches the listener’s ear. The chorus stands out as the two harmonize very nicely and reach the notes perfectly to capture the atmosphere of the song. Although the title of the song sounds a little bit fast, it still works nicely to bring the chorus to a strong start. The last line of the chorus is sung nicely and makes a nice transition into the small pure instrumental section. The pure instrumental section is great and it supported by some vocalizing from the boys. This section evokes a feeling of the sunshine after the rain, which fits perfectly with the song’s lyrical story. The final note of the song sounds just a bit off but is still a nice finish. They then soothingly sing off with pure instrumentation to bring the song to a close. It would have been nicer had the vocals been removed and just instrumentation brung the song to a close. アイアイ傘 is a sweet ballad that is brought to life as the boys’ voices really work well together.

僕らのうた picks the energy up with an uptempo beat. Piano instrumentation starts off the song before the chorus starts off, which really brings an uptempo and cheery feeling. Following is a choir accompaniment and although choirs have a tendency to sound awkward in J-Pop songs, their presence is a nice fit with the sound of the song. The first verse starts and Tegoshi sounds great with the somewhat poppy instrumentation. Once Massu starts singing, the instrumentation becomes slightly more varied in order to make it pop right before the chorus starts. The pure instrumentation sequence that appears before the third verse sounds great as the spotlight is put on the piano, which really makes the music stand out. The third verse features some great harmonization from the boys and then another pure instrumentation sequence comes, this time focusing on the guitar, which shows off some rock flare and is a highly enjoyable part of the song. The boys sing the chorus out, which brings the song to a nice close and makes it strong from start to finish. It’s a great uptempo number that is a good match on the single by bringing a more upbeat sound in the midst of the slower songs that comprise the single.

Both editions of the single feature もしも僕がポチだったら… as a B-side. Acoustic guitar driven instrumentation opens the song and segues nicely into the first verse. Both Tegoshi and Massu have nice smooth vocals that work in the song’s favor and Tegoshi holds the final note nicely before a small instrumental break. The chorus is nice as there is a relaxing feel to it that works well with the boys voices. Tegoshi sings a little higher than usual and it does catch the listener’s ear. The final line of the chorus is what really stands out as a nice finish. The pure instrumental section is a very nice part of the song that sounds great with the spotlight on the acoustic guitar. It re-introduces the chorus nicely. Pure instrumentation follows, bringing the song to a close. The track is a slow and relaxing song that the boys sound nice on and although it isn’t as strong as the title track or the other B-side, it’s a nice listen.

Another B-side, present only on the regular edition, is 僕のシンデレラ. The song picks up the tempo of the single with another upbeat sound. After pure instrumentation, the first voice comes in. Both Massu and Tegoshi sound nice with their vocals over the music. The chorus is nice although it doesn’t stand out as strongly as hoped. However they sing the title of the song greatly as a finish for the single. The pure instrumental section sounds great as the guitar comes back to play a role in the music and is a nice compliment to the piano. Pure instrumentation brings the song to a nice close and although the chorus doesn’t stand out as much as hoped, 僕のシンデレラ is a very nice song with an upbeat sound that the listener can enjoy.

In order to promote the single, a PV for アイアイ傘 was made. The video tells the simple story of a boy and a girl sharing an umbrella. The PV begins with a boy walking across a street and as he walks on the sidewalk, Tegoshi and Massu are in the sky and create rain. He takes out his umbrella to cover himself and soon a girl comes over and runs for cover under him umbrella. Tegomass also have a little water fight as they spray each other with hoses and it shows a fun side to the video. There are also scenes of the two singing with strings of beautiful sparkling blue jewels behind them. After the two turn off the hoses and stop the rain, the sun comes out and the girls thanks the boy and leaves. His expression once the girl leaves is truly sad and really emphasizes the cute element of the song. The video ends with a shot of a beautiful tree. The PV is a great visual for the song as the lyrical story is brought out.

Single Ranking: A –

Tegomass’ 3rd single features four songs, two upbeat and two slower. The strongest song is the A-side and title track, アイアイ傘, which is a sweet story of love in the rain. The other slow song is もしも僕がポチだったら… and centers on an acoustic sound that catches the listener’s ear. Both upbeat songs are nice, particularly 僕らのうた. Tegomass did a great job on this single and it’s definitely worth the listen.

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