Shibasaki Kou – よくある話~喪服の女編~ [16th Single]

June 20, 2008 at 6:21 pm (Shibasaki Kou) (, )

Shibasaki Kou’s 16th single, entitled よくある話~喪服の女編~, was released on 06.04.08.

よくある話~喪服の女編~ is a light and breezy song that is wonderful. The song starts off with a fun instrumentation with slight island elements to it. Soon the music picks up and those elements come forward even more for a fun and enjoyable sound. When the first verse comes in, Kou’s vocals are somewhat on the softer side but really work with the music. The chorus sounds great as Kou sings her way through over the exciting instrumentation. The third verse continues the greatness of the song as Kou’s vocals continue to mesh with the music. Although Kou’s vocals work very well with the music, it’s the fun and interesting instrumentation that really keeps the listener hooked to the song. The impressive instrumentation finishes the song off for an excellent finish of a fun song. よくある話~喪服の女編~ is a fun and happy song from Kou that really keeps the listener engaged and hooked from the first listen.

風ゆらのうた, the B-side, is a slower song that focuses more on Kou’s voice. The song begins with a slower midtempo sound with rock tints. Kou’s vocals work very well with the instrumentation here as they are spotlighted rather than the music. There is a certain deepness, almost huskiness, to her vocals here that they mesh with the music perfectly to capture the atmosphere. The chorus is all right and her vocals show more of a range and power. The following section of pure instrumentation really is strong as it spotlights sounds that are pushed to the background during vocal sections. The song is a nice change of pace from the A-side and shows off Kou’s voice more.

In order to promote the single, a PV for よくある話~喪服の女編~ was made. The video is pretty simplistic as it features Kou adorned in a beautiful kimono. With other musicians providing the musical accompaniment, Kou looks great and that is what the video is made. There isn’t very much that the video offers besides some nice scenery but it’s a nice visual representation of the song.

Single Ranking: A –

Shibasaki Kou’s 16th single features enjoyable two songs. よくある話~喪服の女編~ is a breezy and fun song with a wonderful instrumentation that has the listener at first listen. 風ゆらのうた is more of a darker song with a true emphasis on Kou’s vocals rather than the music as both are combined to form an enjoyable song. Kou really did a good job with this one and hopefully her later releases will keep this quality.


  1. radiantdawn said,

    I love the cover for this. The colors are so in-your-face.

  2. Elizabeth said,

    I like the covers too! the only thing is the eyeliner…seriously it’s on the border of zombies

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