Nishino Kana – glowly days [2nd Single]

June 12, 2008 at 1:58 pm (Nishino Kana) (, )

Nishino Kana’s 2nd single, entitled glowly days, was released on 04.23.08. The title song was used as the ending song for Tokyo Broadcasting System’s CDTV during April.

glowly days is a breezy and fun pop song. The track begins with a happy and light-tempo feel. During the first verse, Nana shows off her range as she hits the high notes wonderfully and works well with the instrumentation to capture the atmosphere of the song. The track’s pure instrumental section does a nice job of spotlighting the piano, which is an integral part of the music. glowly days is easily the best song on the single and is A-side material.

celtic is the B-side of the single. The song begins quite nicely with a romantic and slow instrumentation and when her vocals come into the picture, they work very well with the music. The chorus gives Kana a chance to let her vocal power shine but the transition from the verse is pretty abrupt and could’ve definitely used some smoothing. However her voice sounds nice and the instrumentation remains its pretiness. The song was pretty nice and could have been a lot stronger but it was fairly nice.

The second B-side of the single is Yami Yami Day, an cute uptempo track. The song begins with a fun and exciting instrumentation before giong into the song’s more relaxing feel with distorted vocals. Soon the chorus starts and the distortion vanishes and there is a certain childish element to her voice that sounds a bit weird. Despite that, she manages to show off. The instrumentation is pretty interesting but the vocals somewhat clash for being so cutesy and high-pitched thus the song becomes monotnous. Overall the song was not very enjoyable and wasn’t even B-side material.

Single Ranking: B –

Nishino Kana’s second single features three songs. glowly days is a nice and breezy pop track. celtic is aa romantic song that is okay but could have been stronger while Yami Yami Day was a weak track that should not have been released. While it is not the most cohesive effort, Kana shines on glowly days and hopefully she will shine on her next single.

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