Perfume – Baby cruising love / マカロニ [11th Single]

June 10, 2008 at 1:59 am (Perfume) (, )

Perfume’s 11th single, entitled Baby cruising love / マカロニ, was released on 01.16.08. Currently the girls’ highest selling single, the single comes in the format of a double A-side before the release of their studio album GAME.

Baby cruising love is a soft song combined with the a true electronic sound. The song begins with a techno sound alongside a beautiful instrumentation that evokes a winter-time feeling. The chorus is so sweet and fun that it can’t not be loved. The first verse comes in and there is a certain child-like element to the vocals that make it all the more special. Overall the song is pretty simple and there isn’t much variety offered from the song so it just stops at being nice. A little more variety in the vocals would have made the song even stronger because the instrumentation was wonderful.

マカロニ is the other A-side of the single. The song starts off with a cool and funky instrumentation that evokes a true relaxing feel. The first verse opens and the vocals work perfectly with the music to make an enjoyable experience for the ears. The chorus shows off a bit more vocal strength as the girls go for slightly higher notes and it works well with the music. There is a slight change in instrumentation with the third verse that keeps the song fresh. Overall マカロニ is a much stronger song and is such a relaxing song that the girls do perfectly on.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Baby cruising love was made. The video plays around with light in addition to the dance sequences that the girls perform. There are beautiful scenes that take inspiration from the cover with the girls surrounded by gorgeous twinkling ice crystals. The dancing has a certain cuteness element that works with the atmosphere of the song and makes it all the more enjoyable. It may not be anything mindblowing but it works with the image set forth by the song and promotes the song well.

A PV for マカロニ was also made to promote the single. The video is much different from the PV for Baby cruising love as this one is much more simplistic. There’s a certain home-video element to the PV that fits perfectly at home with the songs atmosphere. The video features the girls walking around town on a beautiful autumn day. Although there may not be much to it, it shows a natural and real side to the girls that makes for a perfectly enjoyable PV.

Single Ranking: A –

Perfume’s 11th single features two songs that compliment each other nicely. Baby cruising love is a soft but slightly uptempo track with the sounds of winter in the instrumentation. マカロニ is the much stronger A-side as a relaxing and beautiful track.

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  1. blackmager said,

    Oh sweet!
    You’re going Perfume now!

    As for me, even though BCL didn’t provide too much, it was so freakin catchy.
    Although Macaroni is a step in the right direction since they combined real instruments with their electronic sound.

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