Tackey & Tsubasa – 恋詩-コイウタ / PROGRESS [10th Single]

June 9, 2008 at 10:38 pm (Tackey & Tsubasa) (, )

Tackey & Tsubasa’s 10th single, entitled 恋詩-コイウタ / PROGRESS, was released on 06.04.08. 恋詩-コイウタ  was used as the theme song for the dorama Osen. The regular edition of the single is home to two tracks unavailable on the other editions: 約束-last- and GLORY DAYS.

The single opens up with 恋詩-コイウタ. The song begins with a sweet and soft instrumental before more of a beat comes in and picks up the tempo for the first verse. The vocals are nice and help create the overall atmosphere of the song. The hook serves as a bridge to the chorus as the instrumentation changes slightly to build up an introduction for the chorus. The chorus sets forth a stronger emotional presence and the vocals are in a perfect match with the music. New instrumentation introduces a new feel to the song with the third verse to make an enjoyable experience. Overall the song is very enjoyable and sweet and definitely one to remember.

PROGRESS is the other leading A-side of this single. It begins with a more happy and poppy instrumentation with very slight rock influences hidden in the instrumentation. The chorus begins an immediately that summer energy comes shining through. The verses take that same energy and take it with a more relaxing sound that still sounds great and a true part of the song. The hook has that same bridge effect as the instrumentation fuels more energy as an introduction for the chorus. The third verse changes things up a little bit but it still works with the music to make a fresh part of the song. The song ends fantastically as there is more of an emphasis on the instrumentation. PROGRESS is a fun and summery uptempo track that the boys do complete justice on.

約束-last- appears on the regular edition as a B-side. It opens up with a twinkling uptmepo sound with some strange English singing before the first verse comes in. There is a certain relaxing element that works for a good song. The chorus features the boys saying “bye” a lot and honestly, it isn’t as strong as hoped and is a little boring. The English singing definiely should have been removed from the song but the cool instrumentation is spotlighted to make it enjoyable nonetheless. Overall the song could have been a lot stronger without the English singing and a little more variety on the song.

GLORY DAYS is the other B-side present on the regular edition. The song begins right away with vocals in a pop and fun way. The delivery of the lines create a fun and happy atmosphere that is enjoyable. The verses are more relaxed but do a good job of keeping that same energy. Overall the song is pretty simple but is a fun and happy song that captures the summer atmosphere well.

Single Ranking: A –

Tackey & Tsubasa’s 10th single features four different songs…恋詩-コイウタ is a sweet love song with a wonderful instrumentation and the perfect atmosphere set forth by the boys’ voices. The other A-side, PROGRESS, compliments 恋詩-コイウタ perfectly as an uptempo summery song. 約束-last- is an uptempo twinkling song. GLORY DAYS is a nice finish for the single with a poppy and uptempo song.

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