BoA – VIVID [27th Single]

June 4, 2008 at 11:15 am (BoA) (, )

BoA’s 27th single, entitled VIVID, was released on 06.04.08. The single features three different songs: Kissing you, Sparkling and Joyful Smile. Kissing you received a tie-in as the theme song for the Japanese dorama 7 Female Lawyers. Sparkling was used in the Zespri Gold Kiwi CM.

Kissing you opens the single up as a light and cute spring track. The song opens up with an old sound that has a certain cute element to it that works before going into the real instrumentation with the chorus. BoA’s vocals sound nice and the finishing English line makes the chorus really pop in the end. The verses work well as BoA’s vocals follow the direction of the music to combine to make a light and cute feeling. The hook serves as a bridge between the verses and the chorus as the instrumentation varies slightly and carries the ears to the sweetness of the chorus. The pure instrumental section is nice as it spolights the wonderful instrumentation before finishing the song off with the chorus. Kissing you is a nice way to open up the single with an adorable instrumentation and good vocals from BoA.

Sparkling is an enjoyable poppy dance song. The song begins with a slow ballad sounding instrumentation accompanied by a piano before coming into the true uptempo pop sound that the song is all about. BoA’s vocals work well with the music on the verses so they really pop. The hook starts introducing an even catchier element that comes across in the chorus even more strongly. The English used only brings the cuteness forward even more. The pure instrumental section is great as it  highlights the cuteness of the song that makes it enjoyable.

The final song on the single is Joyful Smile. Following a sweet and poppy instrumental, the first verse comes in. The music is somewhat reminiscent of Kissing you but there is a certain element that works so well on this song that keeps it interesting. BoA delivers her best on the verses as her vocals work perfectly with the music. The chorus stands out for its arrangement as the first lines are sung with the ending note held out. It sounds great and the happy and poppy atmosphere comes across strongly. The pure instrumental section has almost a video-game quality to it that sounds wonderful with the song and spotlights just how interesting the music of the song really is. The song finishes just as strongly as it began as it fades into silence. Joyful Smile is the perfect song to end the single with as it is cheery and uptempo with an interesting and fun instrumentation alongside BoA’s great vocals.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Kissing you was made. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t match up to the song. The biggest problem is that BoA goes overboard on the cuteness act and it comes off as being forced and fake. The video begins with BoA writing a love letter to her admired but it’s obvious she’s not actually writing anything and it looks a little weird. After sending the letter, she helps a child retrieve a balloon from a tree and her reaction to seeing the child look exaggerated and fake. She then puts her umbrella over a bird’s nest to protect them from the rain and then goes back home to read a love letter sent from her beloved. Overall, the video left a lot to be desired and the whole video taking place on a revolving platform really didn’t work here.

A PV for Sparkling was also made to promote the single. The video uses more of a creative aspect to get the feeling of the song across. As BoA sings at her microphone, there are floating elements around her and she chooses various ones and then they come into her reality. There are other scenes which feature BoA just moving to the music and she looks great.

Single Ranking: A –

BoA’s 27th single, VIVID, features three songs while capturing an overall cute vibe. Kissing you is the perfect introduction to the single with such a sweet but relaxing instrumentation that goes with BoA’s vocals. The cute atmosphere is clear from the beginning of the single. Sparkling takes things in a cooler direction while still maintaining a certain cute feeling to it that works. Finally, Joyful Smile captures the cute feeling while keeping a perfect tone. VIVID shows off cute beats along with great vocals from BoA to make an enjoyable single.     

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