Misia – 約束の翼 [20th Single]

June 1, 2008 at 3:23 am (Misia) (, )

Misia’s 20th single, entitled 約束の翼, was released on 05.28.08. The single received a tie-in as the theme song for the movie Boku no Kanojo wa Cyborg.

約束の翼 is the A-side for the single and is a nice ballad. The song opens up with a beautiful instrumentation before going into the first verse. Misia’s vocals are deep here and work with the music to create a certain smooth element that slowly grows as more instruments come into the picture to make the song come alive a bit more. Right before the chorus, Misia shows off her pipes by belting out and hitting the notes well. The chorus is a bit weak because it’s kind of boring but by no means bad. Overall the song was nice but the chorus wasn’t very strong and thus the flow set by the verses was interrupted.

The B-side of the single is So Beautiful. The song begins with a beautiful midtempo instrumentation that creates a fantasy-like feeling before the first verse starts. The spotlight is on her voice as the music is lowered. Misia’s vocals are deep here but they still move with the music well. The chorus is nice as it shows off Misia’s powerful vocals but overall, the chorus isn’t particularly strong and it doesn’t really stand out so much. Despite the weakness of the chorus, the music remains beautiful and one of the song’s strongest points and this comes alive in the small pure instrumental section. The following verse is cool because Misia delivers the lyrics with a certain slickness that works well. Overall, the music really is so beautiful and the verses are pretty good but the chorus really isn’t anything special.

Single Ranking: B –

Misia’s 20th single features two ballads. Both 約束の翼 and So Beautiful are nice songs but their choruses aren’t particularly strong and thus don’t carry the song like they should. Their instrumentations were beautiful though so hopefully next release, the choruses really stick in order to keep up with the music.

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