MEG – HEART [12th Single]

May 24, 2008 at 1:27 pm (MEG) (, )

MEG’s 12th single, entitled HEART, was released on 05.07.08. The title track was used as Dariya Cosmetic’s PALTY CM song.

HEART is a fun techno track that also captures a more relaxing feel. The song opens strongly with a techno-blasting instrumentation before the first verse comes in. The distorted vocals work with the sound of the music to capture an atmosphere perfectly. Due to a little introduction through music into the chorus, it stands out strongly. She holds the ending note of the chorus very nicely and it puts a nice spin on things. The song is rather simplistic but it’s a nice listen and is fun.

The other song on the single is NATALIE <FM16 MIX.> The opening instrumentation along with the stange distorted vocals from MEG introduce the song well to a fun and pretty techno sound. There is almost a video-game quality to the instrumentation that goes with her voice perfectly to create an enjoyable and fun sound. The hook serves as a bridge to the chorus as new instruments are introduced that come stronger in the chorus. The chorus sounds great and the distorted vocals only add to the fun flavor of the song. The song does kind of drag on at the end but it’s still a fun song that is pretty.

In order to promote the single, a PV for HEART was made. The video is pretty simplistic as it consists of MEG at home baking and watching television with her dog. There is something about the colors that just didn’t work for the PV and creates a strange feeling. Overall, the PV was all right and nothing special.

Single Ranking: B +

MEG’s 12th single features two tracks. HEART is a nice techno song that has a certain relaxing atmosphere to it as well. NATALIE <FM16 MIX> is a pretty techno track that features a wonderful instrumentation.


  1. blackmager said,

    I’ve heard about this MEG girl.
    The only reason why I’m interested in her is because she’s produced by Yatsuka Nakata (right?) XD
    I gotta find her material later.

  2. boamyjewel said,

    she’s hot !

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