ayaka – おかえり [9th Single]

May 17, 2008 at 10:57 pm (ayaka) (, )

ayaka’s 9th single, entitled おかえり, was released on 05.14.08. The single recieved a tie-in as the theme song for the Japanese dorama Zettai Kareshi.

おかえり, the title track is an uptempo relaxing song. The song begins with some great vocals by ayaka alongside a soft instrumentation before coming into a louder sound. The verses have a certain catchiness that work well with ayaka’s vocals. Right before the chorus comes a great note that ties the verse to the chorus. The chorus is nice and the way she sings the title certainly stands out strongly but there is an element missing that could have made it even stronger. The pure instrumental section is nice as it draws strength of the music before going into the third verse, which features some absolutely great vocals from ayaka. A strong instrumentation finishes off the song wonderfully and brings the song to a perfect close. おかえり is an enjoyable uptempo track that is still has a relaxing element to it.

The B-side of the single, 迷路, begins with an absolutely awesome instrumentation before going into the first verse. ayaka’s vocals work very well with the music, which features a rock taste. The hook serves as a bridge between the verses and the chorus, which is pretty simple but works well with the overall feel of the song. The pure instrumental section really showcases the power and catchiness of the music and the slightly distorted vocals sound great. The following third verse is perfect with a certain breathiness aspect delivered by ayaka that works in the context of the song. The wonderful instrumentation finishes off the song perfectly and brings the awesome song to an awesome close. 迷路 is a strong song with an element of rock behind the instrumentation that works well with ayaka’s vocals. Although the song is the B-side, it is definitely A-side quality and should have been the single’s A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for おかえり was made. Much like Jewelry day, there is an element of simplicity that makes the video very enjoyable. The scenes where ayaka is standing on a bridge has an absolutely beautiful view. The animated bubbles are a bit strange and perhaps they would have worked better if real ones were used but the PV was enjoyable overall.

Single Ranking: A –

ayaka’s 9th single features two strong songs. The A-side, おかえり, is a nice relaxing and uptempo track that soudns great. The B-side, 迷路, is even stronger and features a rock sound, which suits ayaka’s voice perfectly. Hopefully ayaka’s new album will feature the same quality as these tracks.

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