Leah Dizon – Under The Same Sky [PV Review]

May 13, 2008 at 7:21 am (Leah Dizon) ()

Under The Same Sky is the B-side to Leah Dizon’s latest single, Love Paradox. Soon after the single’s release, it was announced that Under The Same Sky would be the theme song for the drama Tokyo Prom Queen, which Leah would be guest-starring in. In order to further promote the drama, a PV was made for Under The Same Sky.

In keeping with the atmosphere established from the song, the director decided to play on a “pretty” theme. One scene includes Leah sitting on a flower made of crystals and her look along with the beauty of the flower combines to make a gorgeous scene. Falling stars only amplicate the scene’s beauty and capture the feel of Under The Same Sky perfectly. There are also many face shots of Leah that focus particularly on her eyes and her lips. She is also seen standing behind a window looking out on a terrific view as rain falls upon the window. In order to also promote the drama, scenes from Tokyo Prom Queen are also intertwined within the video. The PV for Under The Same Sky is very pretty and is the concept behind the video, although simple, works very well in the context of the song.

PV Ranking: A –


  1. Novembre1st said,

    Aieee?? since when?? I thought Leah is a model!!! when did the get into the music industry?

    wow but the song are nice..and she is soooooo pretty!!

  2. bakekok said,

    Geulis pisan coy

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