NEWS – SUMMER TIME [9th Single]

May 11, 2008 at 1:14 am (NEWS) (, )

NEWS’s 9th single, entitled SUMMER TIME, was released on 05.07.08. The A-side was received a tie-in as the Crymson/RUSS-K CM song. The single follows the format of their previous single with one B-side present on both editions (EASY COME, EASY GO). Each edition then features another B-side that is exclusive to the specific edition: Liar (Limited Edition) and Baby! Be My Baby! (Regular Edition).

SUMMER TIME is the A-side of the single and is perfect for the summer. The song begins with a sweet instrumentation before the chorus comes in with the singing of “this is the summer time.” Although the lyrics are primarily are in Japanese, a few English phrases really pop, particularly the ending chorus line as the boys sing “beautiful days” with great harmnonization. The verses feature nice vocals and the fun atmosphere is strongly established. The third verse is a rap that sounds fun and has a cute element that makes it so enjoyable. The same sweet instrumentaion finishes off the song as the boys sing “this is the summer time” for a strong finish to a great song. SUMMER TIME is a nice and fun song that was made for summer and the boys did an excellent job on this one.

EASY COME, EASY GO is a B-side that is found on both editions of the single. An upbeat and breezy atmosphere is created with the opening chorus as they open with “easy come, easy go” and finish with “have a nice day.” The verses are mellow and the vocals go perfectly with the instrumentation, which establishes the feel of a lazy and relaxing summer day. The third verse draws more attention to the music and the central instrument: the electric guitar. The pure instrumental section is highly enjoyable as it puts emphasis on the strong instrumentation. EASY COME, EASY GO is definitely another song perfect for summer and finds a perfect home on this single.

The limited edition of the single features the rock track, Liar. The track opens up with a cool rock sound before booming louder. The verses features lyrics are delivered with a slickness that comes off as very cool. The chorus is easily the most addictive part of the song as it begins with the English phrase “you are lying.” The vocals show power and control here as they mesh well the instrumentation. As the boys sing “liar,” that cool feeling returns when there is a greater instrumental presence and the note is drawn out well. The short third verse features English lyrics as there is a slight instrumental change that spotlights the words. A hot rock beat finishes off the song perfectly, making Liar an excellent track that shows the true versatility behind the boys’ voices.

Baby! Be My Baby! is only present on the regular edition of the single. The song opens up with instrumentation that also seems to channel a summer sound before diving into the first verse. The vocals are at their usual consistency and work well with the music. The chorus is nice and fun as they sing “baby, me my baby” repeatedly throughout this section and their harmonization is great as usual. It’s a pretty short song but it’s still enjoyable and a perfect compliment to the single.

In order to promote the single, a PV for SUMMER TIME was made. The PV opens up with Massu coming to an abandoned beach house and his imagination comes forward as he finds and opens a pop-up book. The rest of the video shows his daydreams of having the rest of the group at the beach house with him. The use of computer graphics were a great touch as they helped capture the overall mood of the song. The other scenes in the song also show the feel of the song: Pi cleaning a surfboard, Tego making smoothies, Ryo and Massu washing clothes, etc. It’s very enjoyable and although simple, it’s cute and fun, just like the song.

Single Ranking: A

SUMMER TIME is a single that offers a lot from NEWS. The A-side is a fun and poppy song that captures the element of summer perfectly. EASY COME, EASY GO is continues the summer sound that is more mellow but still great nonetheless. Liar strays away from the summer sound to a rock sound that comes off very strongly. Baby! Be My Baby! comes back to the summer atmosphere with a fun and poppy sound. SUMMER TIME is an excellent single that features some great tracks.


  1. Karen said,

    1st to comment & wow I actually like all the B-sides on this single especially Baby ! Be My Baby ! . Liar’s awesome too

  2. amaiyume said,

    yep yep, another great single. IMO, SUMMER TIME + Liar > EASY COME, EASY GO > Baby! Be My Baby! The last one is kinda eh but it’s a nice listen every once in a while

  3. Karen said,

    the starting of Baby ! Be My Baby ! was like the same as Shissou ! (Dash !) Friday Night imo

  4. amaiyume said,

    hahaha, I don’t know what that is but actually the beginning part is the only part I remember from that song aside from when they single the title XD

  5. Karen said,

    haha I was referring to the starting melody simliarities between both songs . Can’t help but felt a bit of deja vu when I 1st heard Baby ! Be My Baby !

  6. amaiyume said,

    maybe I should give the song a listen?
    Is it any good???

  7. Karen said,

    well it’s catchy & if you like catchy songs of NEWS I think you might like it

  8. amaiyume said,

    ok, I’ll give it a listen soon 🙂
    NEWS’ catchy songs are the best in JE IMO since they’re the best group in JE!!

  9. ana said,

    hola espero y pronto puedan venir a visita mexico ya es necesario que agan un concierto por aca ya q avemos muchos que amamos a news porfavor vengan pronto besos los amamos…………….

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