mihimaru GT – ギリギリ HERO [17th Single]

May 11, 2008 at 11:37 am (Mihimaru GT) (, )

mihimaru GT’s 17th single, entitled ギリギリ HERO, was released on 04.30.08. The single received a tie-in as Shibasaki Kou’s movie entitled Shaolin Shoujo.

The title track, ギリギリ HERO, is a nice pop track. Opening up quickly with a small instrumentation followed by some somewhat soft vocals. The chorus has a nice light beat to it that’s enjoyable and makes the transition into the first verse smooth once the beat plays more of a presence. The rap sections also work well with the music and adds a little more spice to the song. The song is a nice listen and although there isn’t one true amazing stand-out moment, it’s still nice to listen to.

恋する気持ち is the first B-side to the single. The song begins with a beautiful piano interlude before the first verse, which features soft vocals that mesh well with the instrumentation. The chorus is nice as the vocals are still good and the instrumentation is still nice. However it doesn’t really stand apart from the rest of the song as much as it should have. The sections that are just instrumentation are gorgeous and work in the song’s favor. Overall it’s a nice song but a little on the boring side. A larger vocal range could have pushed the song to the next level.

BOW WOW SYSTEM GO is the single’s second B-side. Opening up with a cool sounding instrumentation, there is a crazy cuteness established once the vocals of the chorus come into the picture. The raps are a nice addition to the song and works perfectly with the overall atmosphere of the song. Hearing both members rap is definitely a fun treat and sound great together. Overall the song is the strongest on the single and should’ve been the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV was made for ギリギリ HERO was made. The video is simple as it primarily of clips from Shaolin Shoujo as well as scenes of the two members on a football field. There isn’t much to say about the video but it does promote its tie-in, which is the purpose of a PV.

Single Ranking: B

ギリギリ HERO is mihimaru GT’s 17th single and features three tracks. The title track is a nice and fun pop song with a highly enjoyable instrumentation. 恋する気持ち is a nice ballad that features a beautiful instrumentaiton and some nice vocals but is a little boring. BOW WOW SYSTEM GO is the best song on the single for its big energy and fun atmosphere. A little more variation on the first two tracks would have made the single even better.


  1. boamyjewel said,

    Whoahh I found someone who loves mihimaru GT too!! X God!!!
    Yaya They will release new album so soon

  2. Surging Shark said,

    It’s actually a Lacrosse Field 😉

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