DOUBLE and Amuro Namie – BLACK DIAMOND [Song + PV Review]

May 11, 2008 at 9:33 pm (DOUBLE) ()

In order to promote DOUBLE’s new CD, THE BEST COLLABORATIONS, Amuro Namie was chosen to work with her on a new song entitled BLACK DIAMOND.

The song begins with an absolutely hot instrumentation before Namie takes her verse. Her vocals work so well with the music, this type of song truly is her niche. Coming after Namie’s verse is the hook performed by DOUBLE with Namie vocalizing. Namie then sings the chorus, which is entirely in English, and she sounds absolutely great. DOUBLE then sings her verse and Namie sings the same hook. Following is DOUBLE singing the same chorus and although her final line sounds a bit screechy, it still sounds great. After a small instrumental section, the girls repeatedly say “black diamond” before the two of them deliver the third verse. Their vocals are great and mesh well with the music. Finally, the girls deliver a set of two choruses and the same slick instrumentation finishes the song off. BLACK DIAMOND is a great song in which both girls really bring their A-game.

Song Ranking: A +

To further promote the album, a PV was made for BLACK DIAMOND. The video centers around both girls who attempt to get the black diamond from the security guards protecting it. At the end of the video, the jewel is stolen and the guards return in great shock. It’s unclear which girl was able to retrieve the diamond, which only adds to the coolness of the video. Other scenes are dancing scenes, which Namie pulls off effortlessly. DOUBLE’s movements tend to be a bit stiff at times but she does a good job of keeping up with Namie. There are also scenes with DOUBLE and Namie alone wearing all black in front of a wind tunnel. In another scene, DOUBLE and Namie are seen in a black room surrounded by glowing black diamonds. Overall the PV was great and really complimented the song.                                                        

PV Ranking: A                                                                                  

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