Tanimura Nana – JUNGLE DANCE [3rd Single]

May 10, 2008 at 11:28 am (Tanimura Nana) (, )

Tanimura Nana’s 3rd single, entitled JUNGLE DANCE, was released on 05.07.08. JUNGLE DANCE was used as the ending theme in May song for HEY HEY HEY MUSIC CHAMP

JUNGLE DANCE, the A-side, is an exciting track featuring a great Latin sound. Opening up with a catchy and funky Latin instrumental, the first verse is introduced nicely. Nana’s vocals sound good and have another power to project without going overboard. The chorus is easily the most addictive part of the song as it opens up with English: “Everybody do the jungle dance.” The little breakdown with instrumentation that features a drum sound is definitely a hot change before going into a distorted repitition of Nana singing “jungle dance.” JUNGLE DANCE is a great song that shows Nana’s fun and sexy side.

The first B-side to this single is Ooh… The song begins with a foreign sounding instrumental accompanied by some smooth and sexy vocals from Nana. The verse begins with Nana’s great vocals that work well with the music as the arrangement directs her and she follows. The chorus features two sets of vocals: one softer, more breathier set while the other is slightly more powerful while still keeping with the tone of the song. The third verse keeps the song interesting by featuring a slightly different arrangement and she hits some amazing melismatic notes at the end of the verse. Ooh… is one of Nana’s best songs to date and is definitely A-side material.

Place of Love is the other B-side to this single. Following the sexy and slow sound from Ooh… comes a hot and upbeat track made for dancing. The chorus is absolutely addictive with a hot party beat and Nana’s vocals sound perfect in conjunction with them. The verses have an interesting arrangmeent so Nana delivers some of the lyrics with a slick swiftness that is just so appealing. Place of Love finishes the song with a bang and is one of Nana’s strongest efforts to date.

In order to promote the single, a PV for JUNGLE DANCE was made. The PV features Nana in a club and there is some pretty cool dancing. From her outfit to the dancing, there is definitely a sexy vibe that she is pursuing and she sounds perfectly at home here. Although it’s nothing particularly stellar, it works well with the song and is just fun.

Single Ranking: A

Tanimura Nana’s 3rd single, JUNGLE DANCE, is a solid release featuring three great songs. JUNGLE DANCE channels a fun Latin sound to spice things up for Nana. The chorus is catchy and her vocals are on point. Ooh… is a sexy ballad that really showcases Nana’s powerful voice. She effortlessly hits strong melismatic notes to accompany a beautiful instrumentation. Place of Love is an absolute dance song that is fun with even more great vocals from Nana. The whole single is an unforgettable package and is a good sign for Nana in the future.

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