Shimatani Hitomi – 泣きたいなら [27th Single]

May 4, 2008 at 9:08 pm (Shimatani Hitomi) (, )


Shimatani Hitomi’s 27th single, entitled 泣きたいなら, was released on 03.19.08. Although the single features two ballads, both showcase a different feel while capturing the emotion so strongly, it is unforgettable. 

泣きたいなら begins with a soft and peaceful guitar instrumental that smoothly transitions into the first verse, which features soft and beautiful vocals that capture the atmosphere of the song. The hook begins to introduce other instruments that find their home in the chorus. The combination of soft vocals and beautiful instrumentation work together to make the song enjoyable. The second hook seems to feature two sets of vocals to really put emphasis on the words. The song ends beautifully with Hitomi’s soft vocals. 泣きたいなら  is a gorgeous ballad that captures the emotion through a beautiful instrumentation and Hitomi’s soft vocals.

口づけしよう, the B-side, The song begins with the piano playing to introduce the first verse, which features some great vocals from Hitomi. The arrangement of the verse combined with a softer tone used in the vocals form to make an enjoyable and almost childlike atmosphere. The chorus is definitely enjoyable as her vocals work with the music in a perfect combination. The pure instrumental section sounds wonderful and even introduces the sound of the accordian, which strangely doesn’t clash with the soft sounds of the piano.

Single Ranking: A

泣きたいなら is a perfect ballad that captures a true emotional presence through Hitomi’s soft vocals and a beautiful instrumentation. 口づけしよう is another ballad but this time there is a certain innocent, almost childlike, atmosphere that makes the song enjoyable. The vocals on both songs are soft but work well with the respective music to capture the emotions perfectly. Hitomi did a great job on both songs to create a memorable and beautiful single.


  1. blackmager said,

    this is surprising.
    I think you’re the first I’ve seen that actually likes this single.
    Everyone else said they found it boring.

    However, I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it yet.

  2. blackmager said,

    Hey. XD
    You finally responded to my comments.

    Anyway, I’ve been hearing a lot of AAA, and I’ve always wanted to get into a group with both boys and girls.
    And I’m downloading Nakitainara right now.

  3. Die said,

    Wow, I that it was a little too dull for my taste, but everyone is different.

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