Hirahara Ayaka – 孤独の向こう [14th Single]

May 4, 2008 at 11:51 am (Hirahara Ayaka) (, )

Hirahara Ayaka’s 14th single, entitled 孤独の向こう, was released on 04.16.08. Coming three months after her previous single, Ayaka has not lost any steam from her last release.

孤独の向こう, the title track is an enjoyable ballad. The song begins with a wonderful magical piano opening followed by Ayaka’s soft and slighly breathy vocals. The breathiness is good in the context of the song as it really supports the atmosphere created by the music. As the song goes on, the beat comes into play and in the chorus, it comes full force as other instruments make up the instrumentation. Ayaka’s vocals are great here and help make the chorus stand out so strongly. The pure instrumental section really focuses on the magical feeling instilled by the music and makes a smooth transition into the chorus. The song ends with a beautiful instrumentation to bring the song to a close.

一番星, the B-side, opens up slightly strangely. The beat is very simplistic so that Ayaka’s vocals are spotlighted. During this section, there are some background noises that create a “real” feeling. Soon the music arrives and Ayaka’s vocals make more sense in the context of the song. The chorus is nice but there is a slight feeling of weakness because it sounds like a watered down version of the A-side in terms of trying to approach that magical feeling. The pure instrumental section in conjunction with the third verse sounds amazing and stands apart from the song.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 孤独の向こう was made. Featuring the same theme as the single cover, the PV is very simplistic. The video consists of scenes both in black and white and ones in color and both portray a certain friendly and real atmosphere. There isn’t much to say about the video but it works with the song well.

Single Ranking: B

孤独の向こう features two tracks that compliment each other well. The title track is a magical ballad with an amazing chorus. Ayaka’s vocals, though soft, express the emotion of the song strongly and work to create a cohesive and enjoyable atmosphere. 一番星 is a nice track although it could have been stronger in terms of achieving a certain fantasy element to it. Although Ayaka’s latest singles have been nice, hopefully she’ll approach the next one without focusing so much on a magical feeling.

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