AAA – MIRAGE [17th Single]

May 4, 2008 at 6:48 pm (AAA) (, )

AAA’s 17th single, entitled MIRAGE, was released on 01.09.08. Their first single of 2008, MIRAGE features an Arabian sound to really show the power of AAA. Love Candle…This single was their first number one single even with a low amount for their first week sales.

The A-side, MIRAGE, is an Arabian track that brings energy and excitement. The song begins with an Arabian sound and after a small guitar riff, the Arabian sound comes booming even stronger to make a hot dance beat. The verses feature a certain swiftness that goes perfectly with the song. Following the verses are the strong choruses, which feature strong vocals and perfect harmony among the members. The end of the chorus in particular stands out to be strong and the following instrumental sections form a perfect transition that sounds amazing. The instrumental section is a nice touch as it puts an emphasis on the true strength of the music.

The B-side of the single is Love Candle. The song opens up with a fantasy-filled instrumentation before coming into the real sound. There is a soft and relaxing feel created by the music that goes well with the vocals during the verses. The chorus is very enjoyable as both the girls and the boys come into the play and the vocals blend well to create an enjoyable section of the song. The pure instrumental section spotlights the true beauty of the music and makes the song all the more enjoyable. Love Candle is an excellent B-side and addition to the single.

In order to promote the single, a PV for MIRAGE was made. Drawing on the Arabian sound within the music, the video primarly features the members dancing in Arabian dress to make an enjoyable PV. The costumes look authentic and the dancing is very in sync and all fit well with the background.

Single Ranking: A

AAA’s 17th single, MIRAGE features two strong songs. The A-side is an exciting and strong Arabian influenced track that is perfect for dancing. Love Candle is a nice and relaxing midtempo song with pretty vocals. MIRAGE is certainly a signal for future releases and they will be set if they can keep this quality.

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  1. blackmager said,

    Did I just read arabian styled?
    I love arabian styled songs.
    I think I might get into them.

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