Misia – Yes Forever [19th Single]

April 20, 2008 at 5:07 pm (Misia) (, )

Misia’s 19th single, entitled Yes Forever, was released on 04.30.08. This single is the second single in a trilogy of releases to celebrate her 10th anniversary. The title song received a tie-in as the Kose  “Sekkisei” CM song.

Yes Forever is a soft uptempo track. The song begins with an acapella delivery from Misia that shows off her strong vocals and soon the instruments come in to support her, creating a fantasy-like atmosphere. From her smooth vocals to the instrumentation soon after, a relaxing feel is achieved. The chorus is very strong as the instruments combine together and sound beautiful, which work together with Misia’s voice all too well. She then shows off her true skill by adlibbing primarily within the upper range. Yes Forever is a strong song that showcases Misia’s voice and it supported by a beautiful instrumentation to create a soothing and fantastic atmosphere.

A PV was made to promote Yes Forever that works with the fantasy-like atmosphere of the song. It appears to consist of Misia within a planetarium studio underneath a beautiful night sky as she explores the various wonders of space. It’s very simple but it’s a strong visual representation of what the song communicates through its sound.

Single Ranking: A –

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