C-ute – 涙の色 [5th Single]

April 20, 2008 at 9:17 pm (C-ute) (, )

C-ute’s 5th single, entitled 涙の色, was released on 04.23.08. The first single after their first album, C-ute loses no steam and brings some strong material. Both tracks display the more mature sound of C-ute and shows where they truly shine.

The title track, 涙の色, features a Latin-influenced instrumentation that works wonders for the girls. The song opens up with the soft playing of a Latin guitar before booming into a pop sound that is addictive. The first verse features some nice vocals. The guitar riff right before the chorus is a nice touch as it introduces the power of the chorus. The vocals are nice and go well with the music and there is also a range from more mellow vocals to higher notes. The pure instrumental section highlights just how addictive and wonderful the music truly is before the vocals return. Nearing the end, the music stops for a moment and puts the emphasis on a strong note in the higher register. Instrumentation finishes off the song for an enjoyable listen. 涙の色 is definitely one of C-ute’s strongest songs and is a perfect lead-in single to a new era after their last album.

ダーリン I Love You is the c/w for the single. The track opens up with a strong rock guitar before diving into a strong pop sound. Although it’s quite strange to then hear “darling I love you” right after such a powerful and mature sound from the music. The music somewhat directs the girl and they keep up perfectly, hitting the notes strongly. Following the pure instrumental section is a little cheering part from the girls that sounds a bit out of place. Overall the song is cute with a strong sound and is another hit for C-ute.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 涙の色 was made. The more mature atmosphere of the song is paralleled in this video. The girls are dressed more maturely and the dance sequence is one of C-ute’s best offerings. The solo shots are also enjoyable and make for a highly enjoyable experience. Overall the PV for the single is their best PV to date and hopefully this quality will continue in the future.

Single Ranking: A –

C-ute’s 5th single shows a welcomed new sound from the girls. 涙の色 is a hot Latin track that features a fantastic instrumentation and some nice vocals that support it. The c/w, ダーリン I Love You, features a cool sound with some slight rock sounds hidden that may not make the perfect fit with the girls’ voices but is still an enjoyable song. The instrumentation for both tracks is very strong and if the girls can keep up with them, this style should continue.

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