BONNIE PINK – Ring A Bell [Digital Download Single]

April 20, 2008 at 5:05 pm (BONNIE PINK) (, )

BONNIE PINK’s first digital single, entitled Ring A Bell, was released through iTunes on 04.16.08. The song received a tie-in as the theme song for the XBOX 360 Video Game Tales of Vesperia. This version was recorded in English and there is a rumored Japanese version in the works.

Ring A Bell is an enjoyable uptempo song with rock influences. The song begins a strong pop-rock instrumentation followed by a great opening line: “reaching out for no man’s land.” Bonnie sounds great and so at home here that she captures the atmosphere of the song perfectly. The hook features some nice backing vocals from Bonnie as well that is a strong compliment. The chorus features some great vocals as well as lyrics: “I will ring a bell until you feel me by your side.” The third verse features a slightly different instrumentation  that spotlights Bonnie’s vocals and she hits a nice note at the end of the verse. The following pure instrumental section seems to come to a close before coming back to the chorus and its a strong way to put focus on the strength of the chorus. The song ends with a nice guitar riff to put a good close to a perfect song.

Single Ranking: A +

Ring A Bell is one of Bonnie’s strongest songs and putting it as a digital single was a smart move. Her English songs are always strong and Ring A Bell is no exception. Both the lyrics and the powerful sound of the instrumentation combine to make a highly enjoyable track.


  1. International Wota » Blogs Rock » [Blogs] Amai Wana on Bonnie Pink Ring A Bell said,

    […] BONNIE PINK – Ring A Bell [Digital Download Single] […]

  2. Arietta said,

    I love all of her songs. I love her singing and looks.

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