Morning Musume – Resonant Blue [36th Single]

April 14, 2008 at 5:06 pm (Morning Musume) (, )


Morning Musume’s 36th single, entitled Resonant Blue, was released on 04.16.08. One of Morning Musume’s strongest singles to date, both tracks on the single are winners. Resonant Blue is amazing, funky and shows a more mature side of the girls both lyrically and stylistically. The c/w, その場面でビビっちゃいけないじゃん!, is a return to that cute and poppy sound but doesn’t sound sappy.

Resonant Blue is one of Morning Musume’s best offerings. The song begins with a funky and poppy instrumentation followed by the chorus which stands apart strongly. The use of English lyrics really pull spotlight to those lyrics such as the beginning of the chorus in which the girls sing “cry, cry, don’t cry.” The arrangement of the verses are interesting as they feature one girl singing primarily and then feature other girls singing a repeated line [i.e. baby, baby]. The hook is also interesting as the girls sing their lines in a cute way that still has that attitude behind it. Following the hook is a little section featuring soft vocals. The repeating “help me” also stands apart due to being surrounded by English lyrics and provides a cool change of pace. The pure instrumental section is really cool since there seems to be somewhat of an Arabian influence looming within the instrumentation. The final “help me” of the song [performed by Sayumi] was nice as it stood apart from the other ones. Overall Resonant Blue is one of the best offerings from Morning Musume and the girls did a great job on it.

The c/w of the single is その場面でビビっちゃいけないじゃん! This song is more in the vein of the traditional cute Morning Musume. An fast and poppy track, the song begins with an excited instrumental. The first verse features some cute vocals that go well with the instrumentation and makes a smooth transition into the chorus, which has a nice arrangement of having vocals and then small sections of instrumentation. While listening to the song, there is a certain carnival-like atmosphere that comes through strong and makes the song even more enjoyable. The guitar solo was really impressive and takes the song in a sligtly different direction as it introduces the pure instrumentation section. Overall the song was great and was definitely more than c/w material.


 One PV for Resonant Blue were released. The first to be released featured the girls dancing in a dark area. Three of the girls (Tanaka, Takahashi and Koharu) were completely the center of the PV from their different outfits to their constant position in the front of the other girls. That didn’t seem completely fair for the other girls but because they were singing lead in the song, putting them in front of the PV only made sense. The entire video consisted of dancing but the dancing wasn’t as strong as hoped for. It would have been much stronger if the dancing was more uniform and it felt more like a team. Although the train that they did during the pure instrumentation section was the definite highlight of the PV and was really cool.

A later released version of the PV features the girls of Morning Musume in normal routines. The different scenes feature one [or two in some cases] of the girls doing an activity that can be related to a failed relationship [from the lyrics of the song] [i.e. Ai trying to exercise her pain away, Reina trying to walk it off, ]Sayumi and Eri relying on friends to get them through the tough times, etc.]. Although there are some nice shots in this version, the interspersed dance scenes from the dance version seem totally out of place and don’t mesh well with the concept of the new scenes. The shots of the girls staring into the camera is strange as well as it is too long and the emotion doesn’t come across as strongly as it should. The nice bonus of this PV was a new rehearsal scene that worked well. Overall, this PV was pretty forgettable and the dance version was superior.

Another version of the PV [Lesson Studio Version] was also made. This version is very similar to the dance shot as it features the girls in the studio practicing the routine. The key difference between the two versions is that this version features the girls dressed in casual clothes in a casual setting. The good thing about this PV is that it features dancing the entire time so all the moves are revealed (although there really new dance moves). Overall the PV was enjoying but a bit too similar to the dance version (which was superior).

Single Ranking: A

Morning Musume’s 36th single, Resonant Blue c/w その場面でビビっちゃいけないじゃん!, is definitely one to remember. The A-side is a funky uptempo track with slight Arabian influences while その場面でビビっちゃいけないじゃん! is a carnival-like and cute track. Both songs display the girls’ strength and together make one of their best singles to date. Hopefully the future releases will contain this amazing quality.

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