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April 12, 2008 at 11:53 am (melody.) (, )

melody,’s fourth studio album, entitled Lei Aloha, was released on 04.09.08. The album release came after only one single 遥花~はるか~, which meant that 13 tracks were brand-new. melody. said that the album theme is “bonds” and it represented who she was when she lived in Hawaii and before she moved to Japan as well as the things and people she cannot live without.

The album opens up with the goregous introductory track Daybreak. The song opens beautifully with the playing of a harp alongside the sound of waves creating a peaceful and relaxing feel. Soon, some smooth vocals come in that compliment the music and show off melody.’s range as they all stay within a higher range. Daybreak is a wonderful introduction to the album as it features some beautiful music and vocals that truly reflect the island theme that the album possesses.

The first song after Daybreak is Say Hello. The song is a sweet and poppy song perfect for spring and the English line “say hello, hello for you and myself” sounds great here. Say Hello is definitely a nice island song that is both uptempo and relaxing.

遥花~はるか~ Eternal Version is the only song released as a single but for the album, it was slightly altered and dubbed the “eternal version.” melody.’s vocals throughout the song are restrained yet confident and they support the music of the song very well. The chorus is when she particularly shines in the vocal area and it makes the song pop. In the context of this album and due to a slightly different arrangement, the song sounds even better than it did when it was released as a single.

Peace Song is the fourth song on the album. It begins with the playing of guitars, which introduces melody.’s voice. She continuously sings in English and she sounds so comfortable that it works for the overall atmosphere of the song. Her voice sounds great and although at some times the notes seem a little strained, she still performs very well on the song. The instrumentation driven by the guitar retains the island feel of the album to make a nice listen. The track is pretty short though, clocking in at just under two minutes but it’s very enjoyable nonetheless.

Never Goodbye is a wonderful track that sounds just like the companion track to 遥花~はるか~.The song opens up with a wonderful instrumental that slows down once the verses start. melody.’s vocals sound great here as they stay more in a lower range but the chorus brings a more bubbly tempo as well as more polished vocals to make it stand out. The third verse features more presence in terms of instrumentation and her voice sounds great. It is followed by an instrumentation that has an underwater feel to it alongside some breahty vocals to create the perfect atmosphere. The song ends strongly with the fading of the vocals and then the fading of instrumentation. Never Goodbye is an excellent track that still keeps the island atmosphere of the album.

A soft and beautiful interlude, Memories In Time, is perfect for this album and really captures an ethereal beauty that stands out.

Next is HORIZON, a gorgeous ballad that shows melody.’s true power as a singer. Beginning with instrumentation, there is a smooth transition into the first verse. The vocals are somewhat echoed which gives a hollow feel that works wonderfully in the context of the song. The chorus in particular stands out for creating a ghostly atmosphere with the instrumentation and melody.’s soft but powerful vocals compliment it beautifully. With the second verse, more of a beat is established, which makes the song build-up as time goes on. HORIZON is a wonderfully-arranged ghostly song that is sung with beautiful vocals to create one of melody.’s best tracks to date.

Track number eight, Kiss away, is an overall nice track. The song begins with a soft and sweet instrumentation before going into the first verse, which features vocals that begin in the lower key and grow with power. The chorus is good and she holds the final note perfectly. The arrangement of the song is interesting as the progressive vocal strength mirrors the introduction of different instruments. Overall Kiss away is a nice track that does seem a little “safe” and “predictable” but it does have a nice relaxing island vibe that works with the song.

Following Kiss away is あなたのそばに, is a relaxing midtempo track. The song opens up with a soft piano chord before crashing into a variety of sounds. This then fades into a midtempo guitar-driven instrumentation supported by melody.’s calm vocals. The chorus re-introduces the variety of instruments and it doesn’t clash too much with the normal music and melody. sounds great [although the instrumentation does down her just a bit]. Overall melody. performed great on this track and it’s a wonderful addition to the album that has great vocals and a nice island instrumentation that is different.

No Return is a nice dance track with sparking sounds that make it cute and still perfect for this album. It’s enjoyable and one of the tracks to watch out for.

Sunset Love is an interlude that begins slowly with a gorgeous instrumentation and melody.’s vocals sound as if they are echoing in the wind. The song presents such imagery with it that it comes across as amazing and the lyrics are completely in English and work well with the precious sound of the interlude. The uplifiting tone of the song is seen within the lyrics “I’ll be there when you fall…” “I’ll be right there beside you…” and makes the interlude all the more enjoyable. It’s an excellent interlude that stands out as being strong.

The twelfth song, Beneath My Skin, is a great ballad. It begins with a beautiful instrumentation that makes a smooth transition into the first verse. The vocals are smooth and compliment the overall relaxing atmosphere of the music. The hook serves as a bridge as new instruments are slowly introduced and the chorus begins with an English lyric that makes it pop. The pure instrumental section really emphasizes the Hawaiin sound and sounds great. The the instrumentation re-introduces the piano sounds before re-diving into the chorus. The song ends with melody. repeating “I promise to be true to you” to finish the song off wonderfully.

The penultimate track, DOOR, is a fine island track. The song begins with a guitar-driven instrumentation that goes into the first verse, which has some nice and poppy vocals. Once again, the chorus opens with an English lyrics “it’s time to open the door,” which draws attention to it. The section where the instrumentation takes the forefront sounds pretty nice although melody.’s vocals are drowned out a bit. Overall DOOR is also a bit predictable and a little boring but it’s “nice.”

Paradise finishes off the album on a good note. The opening vocals sound beautiful and there is a slight echo that works well with music. The chorus is gorgeous as her vocals show her true strength and definitely possess the emotional presence. The second verse introduces some more instruments that melody. keeps up with effortlessly. The somewhat haunting sound of this song is reminiscent of HORIZON, which is definitely a strength. The song’s ending vocals were lovely and ended the song on a perfect note. Paradise was the perfect song to end the album with as it has the Hawaiin feel, great vocals and beautiful music.

Album Ranking: A –

melody.’s 4th studio album, Lei Aloha, is a truly strong album composed of island sounds and beautiful vocals. From the gorgeous introductions / interludes of Daybreak, Memories In Time and Sunset Love to the haunting yet beautiful ballads Paradise and HORIZON, melody. shows versatility while still keeping a concise and cohesive album. Lei Aloha is her strongest work to date and is a good signal for the future.


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  2. Chii said,

    Hey. You don’t know me, but. Hey anyway xDD Really nice review, totally agree, it’s such a beautiful album, best I’ve ever heard from her. 🙂 I love how soothing the tracks are, and the themes and just. everything xD no idea how i landed here, guess i should shut up now xD;; ^^ ❤ baii :3

  3. jasmine71 said,

    A great review! So detail.. Very professional/
    I definitely agree with you. A very awesome, beautiful, impressive album!

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