Leah Dizon – Love Paradox [4th Single]

April 1, 2008 at 5:36 pm (Leah Dizon) (, )


Leah Dizon’s 4th single, entitled Love Paradox, is the first single following her latest album Destiny Line. After rumors of her retirement from the music industry, Love Paradox really shows how much of a threat Leah really is. Both songs on the single feature lyrics written by Leah, which gives them a nice personal touch. This single was released on the same day as her new photobook Pure Leah! and her first overseas live in Taiwan. Originally, the CD Only version was set to include Love Paradox (Bach Logic Remix) but for unknown reasons was taken off. Love Paradox is an American-style urban track that is Leah’s strongest to date. Leah mentioned that Under The Same Sky is one of her favorite songs that she has written thus far.

The title track of the single, Love Paradox, is Leah’s best song to date. The song opens up with a hot American-styled instrumentation that blends perfectly into the first verse. Leah’s vocals stay in the lower register during the verses and compliment the music well, allowing her to deliver her lyrics with slick ease. The small hook between the verses and chorus really serves as a bridge as the instrumentation begins to contain higher notes that come into play during the chorus. The English used, “don’t need no one” and “no time for love,” really capture the lyrical message that the song presents: a woman searching for a love that isn’t there. The chorus is the most poppy part of the song featuring other English lines such as “I just can’t stop” and “why can’t I let it go?” and add a nice energy to the song. The chorus also stands apart because there is more strength in Leah’s vocals and this is best seen at the end of the chorus. The third verse continues the hotness of the song but with more vocal strength and a slightly different instrumentation that makes it addictive. The song then finishes with the fading out of the chorus, which is a perfect way to end it. Love Paradox is Leah’s strongest song and is a perfect introduction of a new album era after Destiny Line.

Under The Same Sky, the B-side of the single, is a sweet midtempo track that Leah has mentioned as being one of her favorite songs from her discography. The song begins with a relaxing instrumental that gives the imagery of a hidden paradise before beginning the first verse. Leah’s softer vocals work compliment the music perfectly and make a transition into the chorus. The arrangement of the chorus accentuates certain notes, which Leah’s voice follows. She holds the final note well as she sings “under the same sky.” The little section of pure instrumentation that sounds similar to the opening of the song is enjoyable and spotlights just how pretty the music really is. Under The Same Sky is another great song from Leah and it serves as a good contrast to Love Paradox.


In order to promote the single, a PV was made for Love Paradox. With both dark and light imagery, the PV is a definite strength within the single. The strongest element is undoubtedly the dancing. When Leah and her dancers dance inside of the dark warehouse and when she dances with her female dancing in a very light and poppish atmosphere, both places capture the heat behind the song itself. Other scenes feature Leah within a large and spinning black cube, which is very creative as well as a scene of Leah at home looking into a mirror. The PV is definitely one to remember with a great budget and directed with finesse

Single Ranking: A

300px-leah_loveparprom2.jpg  180px-leah_loveparprom.jpg

Leah Dizon’s fourth single, entitled Love Paradox, is her strongest single to date. Love Paradox, described as being urban and American-styled, is her best song to date. Her vocals are good, the instrumentation is edgy and it suits her perfectly. Under The Same Sky is a soft and sweet midtempo track that features a beautiful instrumentation supported by Leah’s vocals. This single features two great singles and the supporting PV was great as well. Love Paradox is a perfect way to begin a new album era.


  1. International Wota » Blogs Pop Idols » [Blogs] Amai Wana On New Leah Dizon Single said,

    […] Leah Dizon – Love Paradox [4th Single] […]

  2. blackmager said,

    Ah, thank you for this review. :3
    I agree that this song really is Leahs strongest single, but I wish she relied less on vocal enhancements.

  3. Nise said,

    Woow, so many information about J-pop o_o I never listen to normal pop songs, but the japanese pop songs are so cool!!

  4. @BeL said,

    I really love Leah’s Under the Same Sky. I play it over and over. days and night hahaha…

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