Kuraki Mai – 夢が咲く春 / You and Music and Dream [28th Single]

March 22, 2008 at 9:43 pm (Kuraki Mai) (, )


Kuraki Mai’s 28th single, entitled 夢が咲く春 / You and Music and Dream, was released on 03.19.08. The single consists of two tracks that compliment each other well by providing such a clear contrast. While 夢が咲く春 is a nice and slow track with an upbeat feel to it, You and Music and Dream is a fantasy ballad.

The first A-side on the single is 夢が咲く春, is a slow and funky track. The song opens up with an extremely catchy instrumentation that blends perfectly into the first verse. Mai’s vocals sound very slick as she finishes each line and provide a good introduction to the chorus. The breeziness of the chorus is captured particularly by the relaxing instrumentation supported by Mai’s soft vocals. The repeating of the title throughout the chorus sounds slightly awkward at times but it makes the chorus very memorable. To end the song on a good note, the song features a slight instrumentation change alongside Mai’s adlibbing to create a great finish. 夢が咲く春 is somewhat reminiscent of One Life with a slower tempo and makes a great transition from her last studio album into a new album era.

You and Music and Dream, the second song on the single, is a good contrast to 夢が咲く春 as a ballad. After a fantasy-like instrumental opening, the first verse opens. Mai’s vocals during the first verse are somewhat breathy but work very well in the context of the song. The chorus features some beautiful vocals in terms of pitch and ability to stretch the notes out. The pronounciation of the title is a bit rushed but doesn’t detract from the overall flow of the chorus. Mai’s vocals after the chorus really showcase her range in a great way. The song ends just as soft and beautiful as it began with a soft instrumentation.

In order to promote the single, a PV was made for 夢が咲く春. Although the video is very simple, it nicely capture the atmosphere of the song. The PV features Mai walking on a beautiful spring day with various images brought in to somewhat a slideshow. Some of the featured images are of flowers, buildings and of the japanese characters for the title displayed across the screen. Mai’s expressions throughout are very cute and fit well with the tone of the song.

Single Ranking: A

Kuraki Mai’s 28th single, entitled 夢が咲く春 / You and Music and Dream, is a great transition from her previous album ONE LIFE. The first track is sweet spring midtempo funky track while the second shows off Mai’s range in a beautiful ballad. If Mai is able to keep this quality throughout this new era, then she is on course for a great album.

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  1. blackmager said,

    Thanks so much for reviewing this!
    I’ve been looking for more stuff by Mai, but I never knew she had a new single out.

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