Tohoshinki – Keyword / Maze [21st Single] [5th TRICK Single]

March 10, 2008 at 5:14 am (Tohoshinki) (, )


Tohoshinki’s 21st single, entitled Keyword / Maze, was released on 03.12.08. The song TRICK from their latest album T, is a mash up of five different songs. Quickly following that album was the TRICK project in which five singles were to be released each with a solo song from each member on the single. This single features Maze, a solo song sung by Jaejong as the B-side and therefore is dubbed “his single.”

The opening song, Keyword, is a sweet midtempo track. The song opens up with a very interesting instrumental that flows perfectly into the first verse. The first verse possesses wonderful vocals that perfectly compliment the instrumentation and follows the arrangement, which calls for higher notes at certain points. The chorus stands apart from the verses with controlled vocals and different instruments coming into play. The second verse continues the flow from the chorus by keeping the notes relatively in a lower and softer range, greatly supporting the overall atmosphere. The song ends as sweetly as it began, putting a good finish and maintaining the flow. Overall Keyword is very enjoyable although there should have been some more powerful notes that could have been ad-libbed near the end.

Jaejong’s solo song, Maze, is another experiment into the rock genre. The song opens up with some powerful instrumentation. Once the first verse begins, the blaring rock sounds are lowered so that Jaejong’s voice can be the focus and surprisingly, his voice sounds right at home on the track. The hook is a bit awkward cause the words seem a little slow to catch up with the beat but it serves as a great transition into the chorus, which features perfectly controlled yet powerful vocals that sound just like a J-Rock song. Perhaps it’s the transition from the chorus that makes the second verse stand out more than the first but in any case, it works well in the song’s favor. The song ends greatly with instrumentation, bringing everything to a close. Overall it’s a great song but a little more variety in arrangement would have made it a little more stronger.

Single Ranking: A –

Keyword / Maze, the fifth single in the TRICK project, ends the project on a strong note. Keyword, a perfectly sweet midtempo song is one of the best group songs on the project while Maze is a stronger attempt at the rock sound. Jaejong steps out from the group via his strong vocals and chooosing to end the project with him was a wise idea.

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