Kanjani∞- Wahaha [8th Single]

March 10, 2008 at 5:10 am (Kanjani∞) (, )


Kanjani∞’s eighth single, entitled Wahaha, was released on 03.12.08. In an interesting marketing strategy, only the regular edition of the single contains an extra song as the B-side entitled BJ. Despite a very strange name for the song, the guys of Kanjani8 really brought some strong material on the track.

Wahaha, the title track of the single, captures a very poppy and funny element strongly. The song opens up with a strange laugh that sounds really weird but is a good opening for the light-heartedness and transitions nicely into the instrumentation, heavily driven by guitar. The vocals within the first verse go well with the music and the instrumental remains ever interesting. The chorus features good harminization by the group members and more powerful vocals as well as some more strange laughter. The second verse continues the good vocalizing from the first verse and transitions well into the chorus again. The third verse changes things up slightly for a moment due to a change in arrangement and the vocals show continued strength. The song ends with some laughing and a few notes of guitar. Overall it’s a really great summer tune and despite having its weird moments, is an enjoyable song to listen to while in the mood for a laugh.

The B-side of the single, 誰よりキミが好きだから, is an enjoyable uptempo track. It opens up with a strong instrumentation that creates a summery feel. When the first verse begins, the atmosphere becomes upbeat with a jazzy atmosphere looming. The vocals are well performed and compliment the music well. The chorus features nice harmonization between the members of the group and stands out the most for its catchiness and strong vocals. The instrumental section is nice and it ends with a great ending just like it began.

BJ, a B-side only available on the regular edition, also is guitar driven to create a midtempo track. The first verse features some vocals primarily within a lower register to go perfectly with the music and goes great into the hook, which features a slightly different instrumentation that is memorable. The chorus is very nice and while it doesn’t seperate itself from the chorus too much, it’s a nice continuation of the song that catches attention. The third verse is a great addition to the song containing a slightly different arrangement and following is a very sweet and “twinkling” instrumental section that goes along with the music. The song ends with a summery atmospheric instrumentation. Overall the song is a nice addition to the single and placing it on the regular edition alone was a smart marketing strategy.

The accompanying PV for Wahaha is definitely as strange as the song itself. While it does capture the atmosphere and spirit, the video seems somewhat childish and just crosses the point where it’s still really enjoyable while listening to the song. It features various funny facial expressions as well laughing and just playing around. It fits with the song but maybe they could have toned it down…just a little.

Single Ranking: B +

Kanjani∞’s eighth single, Wahaha, features three different feelings in different songs. The title track is fun and enjoyable, always ready for a hearty laugh. 誰よりキミが好きだから is an uptempo jazzy number that is very creative and original. BJ is a sweet midtempo track. It’s a quality release that makes me look forward to new releases.

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