Tohoshinki – Close to you / Crazy Life [20th Single] [4th TRICK Single]

March 4, 2008 at 7:24 pm (Tohoshinki) (, )


Tohoshinki’s 20th single, entitled Close to you / Crazy Life, was released on 03.05.08. The song TRICK from their latest album T, is a mash up of five different songs. Quickly following that album was the TRICK project in which five singles were to be released each with a solo song from each member on the single. This single features Crazy Life, a solo song sung by Yuhno as the B-side and therefore is dubbed “his single.”

The leading song, Close to you, is another strong song from the TRICK project. Opening the song is guitar driven instrumentation with the group’s name being spelt out. It sounds somewhat awkward but compliments the cute element the song possesses. The chorus features some nice vocals but very strange English phrases pop up and are very noticeable. They set the song apart from the rest of the song but the approach could have been much smoother. The following rap works well in the context of the song and maintains a strong flow. The pure instrumentation is a really nice touch with some vocals here and there and sound great. Overall the song began pretty weakly but really picked it up to be catchy. 

Crazy Life, Yuhno’s solo song, is an energetic dance song. The song opens up with a hot dance instrumental with an interesting arrangement followed by a very small rap. The verses contain smooth vocals that compliment the music perfectly. The hook is a good bridge between the verses and the chorus and shows off some nice vocals with a subtle sexiness hit in some of the notes (as he sings “sexy”). Although the chorus is relatively simple, it works well with the context of the song and compliments the overall atmosphere. The third verse features a long rap and there are some other strange sounds in there but it’s a rather enjoyable part which is followed by a pure instrumental section that was made for a dance break. The song ends similarily to how it began and is the perfect finish for the track. The song was enjoyable and danceable and showed off Yuhno’s rapping. The only area of improvement was that there were no shining vocal moments.

Single Ranking: A –

Close to you / Crazy Life, the fourth single in the TRICK project, loses no steam from the last release. Both tracks are upbeat and made to dance to. Close to you is a cute and danceable song while Yuhno performs strongly on Crazy Life, a hot dance song with great vocals. Hopefully the final single in the project will be able to follow the previous strong releases.


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  2. karina januarti said,

    oh my God they are very Cute

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