Tohoshinki – If…?! / Rainy Night [19th Single] [3rd TRICK Single]

February 26, 2008 at 7:06 pm (Tohoshinki) (, )


Tohoshinki’s 19th single, entitled If…! / Rainy Night, was released on 02.27.08. The song TRICK from their latest album T, is a mash up of five different songs. Quickly following that album was the TRICK project in which five singles were to be released each with a solo song from each member on the single. This single features, Rainy Night, a solo song sung by Junsu as the B-side and therefore is dubbed “his single.”

The single opens up with the hot dance track with Junsu on lead vocals for If…?! The song opens up with a dance beat with light techno influences hidden behind it. When the first verse begins, the vocals sound a little whiny but grow over time. Soon there are notes hidden in the higher register that change the feel of the song for a moment very nicely and transitions smootly into the chorus. The chorus is the strongest part of the entire song with vocals perfectly complimenting the music and the hot dance sound coming across strongly. It ends for a god finish as it repeats the first line of the chorus and echoes reverberates into silence for a few moments. As the catchiest song from the entire TRICK project, the group really brought everything on the song.

Rainy Night, Junsu’s solo song, …The song opens up with a very fantasy-like feeling with a beautiful instrumentation. Junsu’s vocals during the verses are very well-maintained in terms of pitch that fit the instrumentation whether that requires softer notes in the lower range or belting out a powerful note to finish the verse. The arrangement during the chorus serves the overall atmosphere of the single and fits the vocals perfectly. Showing a certain cuteness element, the chorus finishes with “baby I still love you.” One of the strongest points of the song is that the emotion comes across from so many song elements such as the soft and powerful vocals, the instrumentation and the arrangement. The third verse brings the focus while the piano steps to the background. The transition from this verse into the chorus is perfect as the music comes back into the picture. The song ends as beautifully as it began with final pure instrumentation. Rainy Night has been the strongest solo song of the three singles released for various reasons and its inclusion really shows off just how much of a talented vocalist Junsu is.

Single Ranking: A

If…?! / Rainy Night, the third single of the TRICK project, continues the good quality from the last single. The songs serve as perfect compliments to one another. If…?! is a hot dance track with slight techno influences woven into the beat. Junsu steps up on Rainy Night, a ballad showcasing wonderful vocals and clear emotion. If the next single can keep the same quality, then the TRICK project is on its way to be a complete success.

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