NEWS – 太陽のナミダ [8th Single]

February 25, 2008 at 6:19 am (NEWS) (, )


NEWS’ 8th single, 太陽のナミダ, was released on 02.27.08. The title track was used as the theme song for the movie Kurosagi. In order to offer something on both the editions of the singles, different B-sides were featured. 美しすぎて is one B-side that was left on both versions but the second B-side is different. On the limited edition, バンビーナ is featured while the regular edition features Lady Spider.

The single opens up with 太陽のナミダ, an Arabian-influenced addictive song. The first verse opens up with lower-pitched vocals that have a certain breathy quality that intermittently appears to give a sexy quality to the vocals. The chorus shows off stronger vocals and blend well with the instrumentation without overpowerig it. The second verse is similar to the first however the vocals are a little stronger and set it apart more. In the case of this song, the instrumentation really accentuates certain notes and sections in which the vocals follow perfectly, creating a true balance. The chorus is a perfect example of this as the boys sing the title of the song at the chorus’ finish. The various pure instrumentatal sections following the chorus really bring the music to the forefront and because of the addictive beat, creates fantasy-like imagery. 太陽のナミダ is an extremely strong A-side and shows off a strong instrumental and smooth voices that harmonize amazingly.

Track number two, 美しすぎて, is present on both the limited and regular editions. The song opens up with a very cute and upbeat instrumentation that introduces the overall feel of the song perfectly. The first verse maintains the same atmosphere as the opening while accompanying a more mellow instrumentation and soft but beautiful vocals. The chorus is very enjoyable with a cute element found within the music and the perfect harmonization of the boys’ vocals. The phrase “beautiful eyes” stands out especially and is sung with perfect pronounciation. The second verse presents even more vocal strength while keeping the same instrumentation as the first verse. The slight change in the instrumentation sets the third verse for such strength and in vocal terms, they delivered. The song ends with beautiful instrumentation and creates an amazing finish.

バンビーナ, song number three, is only present on the limited edition. From the opening of the song, it’s clear that there’s going be some hot upbeat energy in the song. The first verse opens with smooth vocals that compliment the beat amazingly with a hint of sexiness in them. The chorus is addictive and stands out from the rest of the song with stronger vocals that still compliment the music. The second verse is very similar to the verse and because of their similarity in vocal terms, it gives the song perfect low. The third verse takes the song in a slightly techno direction that is addictive on its own level. The vocals show such strength on this song, it blows the others away in that department. Pure instrumentation was the perfect way to close such an amazing song.The instumentation is very directional in this song as well, highlighting certain note(s) that the vocals follow. This track is one of the best and the inclusion of it on the limited edition was definitely a smart decision.

The third track to the regular edition, entitled Lady Spider, has a summery feel to it. The opening of introduces a hot dance beat that prevails throughout the song. The boys really step it up on the vocal department on the verses, showing off some impressive talent that blends well with the beat. The instrumentation really hihglights certain notes that the boys hit effortlessly and the nuances of the arrangement contribute to the perfect sound. The way they sing “lady spider” shows a certain playful sexuality that keeps the song interesting. This song was another amazing addition to the single and placing it on the regular edition was a smart move.



The PV for 太陽のナミダ is one of the strongest PVs for Johnny’s Entertainment of this year as of yet. It features the boys in what appears to be a medieval castle scene. The rain is a very nice effect that perfectly compliments and reflects the overall atmosphere of the song. The choreography is also very impressive. The boys look in sync and show a true mastery of the moves.

Single Grade: A +

All the songs on this single are amazing. The A-side and title track uses the looming Arabian sound to create an addictive song. The B-side present on both editions is cute and creates the atmosphere without going overboard. The two other B-sides placed on their respective editions of the single are both A-side material and are certainly not to be forgotten. The accompanying PV for the single is also amazing, proving that the entire single was well-done. As my introduction to NEWS, it’s one I won’t forget.


  1. Karen said,

    another solid single coming from NEWS & I must say that Lady Spider & Bambina ! are fantastic , especially Bambina ! it’s so addictive it hurts .

    美しすぎて’s so sweet it hurts in a good way

  2. amaiyume said,

    oh yeah!! First single from NEWS I heard and I immediately fell in love with these boys. Bambina and Lady Spider are SOOOOO addictive. Although when I first heard the two it was like, Lady Spider is the best song on the single but everyone preferred Bambina XD
    But I love both songs to death now!

  3. Karen said,

    Yes yes I agree , both Bambina & Lady Spider are seriously fantastic . I can’t decide which ones I like more

  4. amaiyume said,

    Oh yeah!! I wish this was like a triple A-side so they could all be promoted nicely and have PVs and then get performed on tours (more likely anyway)!!!!
    Both songs kinda show that sexy side of NEWS, which is absolutely irrestible 🙂

  5. Karen said,

    *nods* . So far I haven’t seen a JE act which has released a triple A side , maybe NEWS will be the 1st one to do that in due time ? you never know

  6. amaiyume said,

    yeah, the biggest I’ve seen is double but I guess it’s whatever cause we pretty much get the same number of single songs per album. Plus JE tends to be really good with their B-sides so those are always enjoyable 🙂

  7. Karen said,

    true but the only minor grouse about NEWS’s that I don’t like the way that JE markets their B-sides because it’s not fair that they put a different B-side in the regular & limited edition respectively .

    Guess this’s the way that JE wants the fangirls to buy NEWS’s singles ?

  8. amaiyume said,

    I know!!!! And usually the B-sides are soo good it’s like you’re torn. Like you can either get Bambina or Lady Spider…or you get both. The thing I HATE the most about JE is that when they mean limited edition…they mean it. You better pre-order or get it like the week it comes out or you’re never getting it again…I’m just glad I got into Hey! Say! JUMP so early…

    That’s evil Johnny…but it definitely works…0_0

  9. Karen said,

    I know what you mean T_T but thank goodness for OS presses with regards to the LE edition of singles/albums/concert dvds

  10. amaiyume said,

    yeah, I can’t get OS presses cause then when I have all my CDs lined up and the obis are different…it just annoys me so much. I actually don’t know if JE does that but I’d rather just stick to Japanese presses XD

    Plus I can’t watch outside region 2 DVDs on my computer so then I would have to get the Japan pressing of concert DVDs

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